Danube fortresses tour



one day trip

 Leaving Belgrade at 7AM from the Sava center parking lot towards Smederevo. Tour of the Smederevo fortress with a local guide.

Continuation of the journey towards the Roman archeological location Viminacium near Kostolac. Afterwards the journey continues with the tour of fort Ram from the Turkish period.

Visit to the Silver lake and lunch break. Afterwards we, through Veliko Gradište, take a tour of Golubac fortress at the entry of Djerdap gorge.

Return to Belgrade, where we arrive in the evening.

Smederevo fortress: medieval Serbian capital from the XV century, built during the reign of despot Djuradj Branković at the mouth of Jezava into Danube. Consists of Small and Big Town.

All the troubles and hardship regarding the building of the castle were atributed to Djuradjs wife, Jerina Kantakuzin (Kantakuzins from Thesaloniki) that people, thinking the town was built on her wish, called damned Jerina. It is under the protection of the state as an cultural-historical monument. It is located on the area of almost 10,5 ha.

Viminacium: Roman fortress, at the mouth of Mlava to Danube, capital of Upper Mesia, destroyed and ravaged by the Hun king Atila in the V century, and renewed in the VI century by the Roman Emperor Iustinian. The most significant remains of the town are on the right bank of Mlava, where the settlement and the military camp were, built in the second half of the 1. century. Small settlements of merchants and craftsmen were formed near the camp.

Ram: the fortress is near the settlement that caries the same name, this area included the Roman complex Laderata, for this is where the emperor Traian crossed Danube on his expedition to Dacia. The ancient settlements are proved by epigraphic monuments, jewels, plastics and ceramics. The Roman location was the base for the Turkish fortress built in the XV century by Mehmet pasha.

Golubac fortress: located at the entry to Djerdap gorge on the location of the Roman fort Cuppae, mentioned in the XV century, but there are indications it was built earlier. Built on a steep rocky bank over the river and was used until the Turks went away. Considered one of the more picturesque and preserved medievial buildings.

PRICE 30 €

Price includes:

  • Bus transport of the high tourist class
  • guide
  • organizations costs

Price doesen’t include:

  • Tickets to visit Small Town in Smederevo fortress (120 dinars)
  • Tickets to visit Viminacium (350 dinars adults, 250 children and pensioners)


1. By phone    +381 69 655 777

2. By e-mail:  info@explore-serbia.rs

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March 2015
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