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Leaving Belgrade at 7AM from the Sava center parking lot towards Homolje. Tour of the Ravništarka cave near Kučevo, that was named Natures monument and is considered one of the big caves in Serbia. The length of the tourist passage through the cave is 560 meters. The Ravništarka has a stream of Ponorac running through it and is very rich with ceiling and wall ornaments.

Ravništarka has only one cave hall – ’’Black Castle’’. The main feature of Ravništarka is her main channel, that looks like a giant tunnel, rich with different cave ornaments.

As far as figures are concerned, we especially mark “Šarac kraljevića Marka”, “Glavonje” and “Lepa Ravništarka”, which is the amblem of the cave.

Afterwards, over Štubej we hike to Ceremošnje cave whose entry is at the valley of Strugarski stream and it is in the bottom of the limestone cliff 12 m high, at 532 m altitude. It consists of several very large halls –  “Arena”, the biggest hall in the cave in the shape of amphitheatre. The dome is covered with white limestone, decorated with numerous stalactites and see through drapes. Special attention goes to 5 m high stalagmite “Lepa Vlajna”, looking like a woman dressed in traditional folk garment. There are two joined columns in the vicinity – “Mladoženja” and “Drugovi”, as well as the group of ornaments called “Babuna” and “Vodopad”.

Afterwards, rest and lunch in the area.

Return to Belgrade in the afternoon, where we, with short breaks, arrive in the evening.

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45 € (for 6 passengers)

 32 € (for 11 passengers)

 30 € (for 14 passengers)

 26 € (for 18 passengers)

Price includes:

  • Bus transport
  • ticket for the caves
  • guide
  • organizations costs


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  2. By e-mail:  info@explore-serbia.rs

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March 2014
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