5 tips for dressing, equipment, and food for all-day activities in nature
hiking shoes

Equipment for outdoor activities should be good, functional and comfortable.

If you are going for full-day hiking for or water activities, it is best to have quick-drying material on you so that you can move more easily and feel more comfortable.

1) Fast drying synthetic material is a better solution than cotton

For multi-day activities in nature, synthetic material is a much better solution than cotton because the cotton quickly dips, becomes difficult and unpleasant to wear, and slowly drys.

In order for the body heat to be properly regulated when walking, it is best to have the garment consisting of several thinner parts that can be undressed and dressed as needed. However, there should not be too many layers that would not be uncomfortable when moving.

Winds and moisture protect windbows made of lightweight synthetic materials.

In recent years, jackets and pants from the so-called softshell materials. It is a technical fabric that allows the clothes to breathe well, protect against cold, wind and precipitation. It allows for pleasant movement and proper breathing of the body. As a rule, softshell clothes are worn as the top layer, except in demanding weather conditions, where it is worn as the middle layer.

Where can you find synthetic sweatshirts?

You can find synthetic t-shirts in sports shops, if you do not find yourself, look for help from sellers to instruct you for those shoe-made shirts.

In our online shop You can also find synthetic cool & dry t-shirts from polyester we can deliver by mail.

T-shirts are light and comfortable to wear. Sweat does not remain on the skin, which allows for proper thermoregulation of the body.

In addition to synthetic t-shirts made of polyester, we recommend quality t-shirts made of merino wool for outdoor activities. Natural material that best drains moisture, enables proper breathing of the skin, with which there is no unpleasant smell. Because of its fineness, it is very comfortable and pleasant to the skin.

2) To protect yourself against excessive sweating, sun and wind you can wear multi-purpose scarves

Multi-purpose scarves are made from a mixture of microfiber and polyester, are light and flexible. You can wear them like a hat, a neck neck, a hair band, a mask, a scarf, a hood, a pirate hat or you can tie it around your wrist.

Wearing a scarf for outdoor activities allows you to protect against excessive sweating, sun and wind. You can find them in our online store.

Hiking equipment (hiking)

3) For walking and hiking, the most important are good and comfortable shoes

Walking tours do not require special equipment or special preparation. They will give you pleasure in nature, emotional relaxation, and they are also excellent for getting fitness. The most important thing is that you have good and comfortable shoes. If the hiking trail has climbs and descents, it is best to wear hiking boots. If you do not have hiking boots, and this is not so demanding a hiking tour, you can wear sports shoes with a stronger solstice.

It's best to carry as few things as possible. It is recommended to wear long trousers and backpacks. Be sure to carry water and not much food.

Equipment and nutrition for hiking

Hiking shoes are made of soft and impermeable skin with a thick sole made of deep-cut elastic rubber. Such soles are called vibrating soles. They are practical for moving along stony, grassy, and snowy terrain. Shoes are deep to protect the ankle

If you are going for longer tours, take the spare clothes that should be placed in nylon bags so that they do not mix with food and various accessories (flashlight, matches, cosmetics, folders, etc.).

Nutrition during hiking

4) Eat moderately during hiking and hiking, and prepare the body with moisture before the day

For a hiking tour, it is best to prepare yourself with the diet and hydration of the organism pre-tours. The day before hiking, you need to drink plenty of water to prepare your body for the next day's activity. Drink at least 2-3 liters of water. Have all meals and a stronger meal in the second half of the day, no later than 19h.

On the day of hiking, eat moderately. Breakfast should not be too full. We recommend yoghurt with seeds (linseed, oatmeal, sunflower, roasted ...). You can also put tahini (sesame paste) or peanut butter as well as honey. This will give your body the necessary calories, and your stomach will not be overloaded.

5) Fruits, hazelnuts, almonds, nuts, candied fruit, integral biscuits, black chocolate. Of everything a little 🙂

food hiking           Nutrition for outdoor activities

During the hiking day, during the break, eat some fruit (apples, plums, bananas ...). Be sure to take with you and drink water. In one bottle of water, you can drain 1 or 2 lemons, in order to recover the electrolytes that are lost during sweating. At a greater break that the guide determines, when most of the daily effort has already been made, you can eat a little more than during the morning: one to two sandwiches, an integral biscuit or a handful of walnut, hazelnut, almond, peanuts, which you can mix and candied fruit cranberry, apricot, dried grapes, etc.). If you run out of energy and drops sugar, you will get a dice of black chocolate or chocolate bonito.

If you suffer to lose muscle strength, drink magnesium in powder.

When the tour ends, then reward yourself with a strong and abundant lunch or dinner 🙂

If you want to find out what kind of equipment you need or how to dress for other outdoor activities: rafting, kayaking, canyoning, via ferrat, mountain biking, paragliding, answers you can find in the section Frequently asked questions FAQ.

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