Paragliding offers the possibility of great adventures, challenges and glimpses of the beauty of the area above which it is flying. It does not require too much financial resources and time. Paragliding is one of the youngest aerial sports and is intensively developing. Like other adventurous activities it involves risk. The most important preconditions for learning safe flight are: personal attitude, competent training and safe equipment.

Rafting kao rekreativna aktivnost je veoma populan širom sveta. Koriste se gumeni čamci specijalno rađeni za divlje vode, kapaciteta od 6-12 osoba. U engleskom jeziku se sreće termin whitewater rafting (whitewater – bela voda) i odnosi se na žuborenje vode i pene koja se stvara prilikom brzog kretanja vode koja udara u stene i druge prepreke. Rafting u

Mountaineering is a popular recreational activity that entails pleasure in conquering peaks, the beauty of mountainous areas, overcoming difficulty with others because usually hikers are in the group. As the start date of hiking is taken August 8, 1786 when French physician Michel Gabriel Paccard and guide Jacques Balmat climbed to the top of Mont Blanc (4,810 m). On that ascent

Hiking is a form of walking with a specific purpose of exploring and enjoying natural beauties. Walking through natural areas that involves carrying the necessary equipment and all that is needed is a very popular recreational activity in many developed countries. People around the world enjoy hiking in nature, usually by already established trails. Terms of hiking and trekking are English terms and s

Oprema za aktivnosti u prirodi treba biti dobra, funkcionalna i udobna. Ukoliko idete na celodnevno pešačenje ili planinarenje ili na aktivnosti na vodi, najbolje je da na sebi imate brzosušeći materijal, kako biste se lakše kretali i osećali ugodnije. 1) Brzosušeći sintetički material je bolje rešenje od pamuka Za višesatne aktivnosti u prirodi, sintetički materijal

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