Bukulja hiking, Risovaca Cave, Bukulja Lake

Bukulja pešačenje, pećina Risovača, Bukuljsko jezero »
Bukulja pešačenje, pećina Risovača, Bukuljsko jezero »

Bukulja is a mountain in the heart of Šumadija and is 696m high. It belongs to the group of Šumadija mountains and is part of the Šumadija beam, which starts from the Avala mountain and extends all the way to the Gledić mountains in the south. Bukulja rises above Arandjelovac and Bukovicka Spa, it is overgrown with beech and oak forests and therefore represents a real oasis of greenery and clean air.

Hiking tour to the top, where there is an observatory with a phenomenal view of Šumadija, then to Bukulja Lake. We will also visit the Risovača cave and Bukovicka spa.



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