Durmitor – ascent to Bobotov and Savin Kuk, mountain eyes

Durmitor - uspon na Bobotov i Savin kuk, gorske oči »
Durmitor - uspon na Bobotov i Savin kuk, gorske oči »

The landscapes of Durmitor, in terms of beauty, are rarely an authentic work of nature. The mountain is also a national park in the northwest of Montenegro. The relief of Durmitor is characterized by a vast plateau at 1,500 m above sea level, intersected by deep canyon valleys from which rise imposing mountain peaks, of which 48 are with altitudes over 2000 m. The highest is Bobotov kuk sa 2.523 m.

On this exciting tour, there will be three days of active hiking where you will get to know and experience Durmitor in the best way. Fans of true hiking can expect an adrenaline-fueled climb to Bobotov and Savin Kuk, while recreational hikers can enjoy easier trails and the charms of pearly glacial lakes.



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