Homolje hiking - the Lord's Stone and Manasija

Homolje hiking - Gospodarev kamen i Manasija »
Homolje hiking - Gospodarev kamen i Manasija »

On the slopes of Beljanica, between Homolje and Gornja Resava, on the border between the villages of Lipovica, Bliznak and Krupaja, there is a unique viewpoint the Lord's Stone or the Lord's Chair, on which the despot Stefan, according to legend, developed warfare strategies and from which he watched his soldiers as they trained for knightly combat.

On this tour we will get to know Orthodox art, the basic characteristics of the "Moravian and Raška school", which are united in exceptional harmony in Manasija monastery. We will touch the land of our ancestors and move toward The Lord's Stone from where, according to tradition, the despot Stefan watched over his army and drew inspiration for creative creations and military exploits. The chosen hiking trail will give us an insight into the dividing line between the Braničevo district and Pomoravlje, from whose vantage points the view reaches Beljanica, Homolje and Kučaj mountains.

the Lord's Stone
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the Lord's Stone

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