Jagnjilo river canyon and Korkan cave

Kanjon reke Jagnjilo i pećina Korkan »
Kanjon reke Jagnjilo i pećina Korkan »

Eastern Serbia is rich in natural rarities. One of them is the river Jagnjilo, which rises in the place of Bigar and in its lower part forms a specific, very narrow canyon with a series of smaller waterfalls. The Jagnjilo river is a tributary of the Veliki Pek, it flows through the village of Jasikovo and, meeting with the Božina river and its tributary the Lipa, forms the Veliki Pek.

On this tour, we will pass through the canyon of the Jagnjilo river and visit the inaccessible Korkan cave, which is specific for its sparkling and golden vault. Passing through the Jagnjilo river canyon is a great experience that requires a little adventurous spirit.

Kanjon Jagnjilo

Kanjon Jagnjilo

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