Maljen-Tometino field

Maljen-Tometino polje »
Maljen-Tometino polje »

Tometino field is a plateau and a settlement at the foot of the Maljen mountain and the plateu of Divčibare. It is located in the municipality of Požega in the Zlatibor district. This fairytale landscape at an altitude of 750 m is a real natural oasis with beautiful views of the surrounding grassy slopes, the meander of the river Kamenica. The river Kamenica originates in Tometino polje, on the southern slopes of Divčibare from Bela and Crna Kamenica and flows into the West Morava upstream from Čačak. The area is also home to rare bird species.  

On this tour, we will go on a circular hiking trail through attractive landscapes with numerous viewpoints.

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