Pešter Plateau - hiking with myths and legends about Serbian Siberia
Pešter Plateau - hiking with myths and legends about Serbian Siberia

The Pešter Plateau is a karst plateau in southwestern Serbia, at an altitude of 1100 to 1250 meters. It is the largest field in Serbia, and it is among the highest in the Balkans. There is a harsh mountain climate, with harsh Siberian winters, where numerous rare and endangered plant and animal species have found their habitat even in such conditions.

A combination of culture and tradition, east and west, nature and cultural and historical monuments, gastronomy and wonderful people. If you are a lover of true and real values, then you are the right person to visit Pešter. Strange stories circulate about the green plateau, surrounded by 7 mountains. They say that there used to be a lake where a three-headed dragon lived and that it was the one that Saint George killed, and they also say that there is buried treasure under Trojan Hill.

On this tour, we will go on a hiking tour to the top of Trojan and the source of Djurđevica, we will also visit Sjenica. In addition to the incredible nature, we will get to know the cultural and historical values of this region and try the Pešter specialties.

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