Mount Magleš under snow

Planina Magleš pod snegom »
Planina Magleš pod snegom »

The Magleš mountain belongs to the Valjevo mountains and geographically it can be considered to be the eastern part, i.e. a branch of the Povlen mountain. It is located 23 km south of Valjevo, and its highest peak is Pali at 1036 m.

Sinkholes, meadows, forests, and beautiful vistas alternate on the slopes of Magleš. At the foot of Magleš is the river Zabava, which together with the Bukovska river forms the river Gradac.

On this hiking tour, we will go to the highest peak of Pali. The landscape that we will pass through is especially beautiful and fairy-tale in the winter snowy environment.

Mount Magleš
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Mount Magleš

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