North Macedonia - Ohrid, Galičica, Pelister

Severna Makedonija - Ohrid, Galičica, Pelister »
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Severna Makedonija - Ohrid, Galičica, Pelister »

Galičica and Pelister national parks in North Macedonia represent a true oasis of nature and natural rarities.

Planina Galičica je kraška planina sa najvišim vrhom Magaro od 2255 m. Deo planine je nacionalni park Galičica sa koga se pruža prekrasan pogled na Ohridsko i Prespansko jezero.

Pelister National Park was the first national park in the former Yugoslavia. It belongs to the mountain Baba, and the highest peak is Pelister at 2601 m. Pelister got its name from the characteristic appearance of a conifer, a pine with five needles, which grows up to 40 meters, some of which are over 200 years old.

Ohrid je čarobni biser Balkana, jedan od najstarijig gradova u Evropi, centar antičke civilizacije i važna rimska raskrsnica na čuvenom putu Via Egnatia.

On this four-day tour, we will go hiking to the highest and most beautiful peaks in both national parks. A stay in Ohrid, a tour of Prilep, Sveti Naum, Bitola, and an overnight stay at 2200 m near the beautiful Golem lake under the Pelister peak, are only a part of this rich trip that will remain in your memory forever.

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