Sokolske planine - putevima podrinja, vrh Rožanj 973 m »
Sokolske planine - putevima podrinja, vrh Rožanj 973 m »

Sokolska planina, which is often referred to as Sokolske planine in the plural, is one of the four mountains that make up the Podrinje mountains group together with Jagodnja, Boranja and Gučevo. Najviši vrh Sokolske planine je Rožanj (973 m) i nalazi se na tromeđi opština Osečina, Ljubovija i Krupanj.

On the slopes of the mountain, on a rock below the highest peak, there are the remains of the Soko grad fortress, and below it is the monastery of St. Nicholas - Soko.

The mountain most likely got its name from the old town of Soko, and the town from the multitude of falcons that roosted around it. By occupying the city, the Turks kept the native name Soko, which is the most important proof that the fortress existed before the arrival of the Turks. 

On this hiking tour, we will go to the highest peak of Rožanj, we will visit the city of Soko, the monastery of Soko and the ethno village of "Sokol huts".

Sokolske planine
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Sokolske planine

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