Suvobor i Ravna gora u jesen »
Suvobor i Ravna gora u jesen »

Suvobor je planina koja pripada Valjevskoj grupi planina zajedno sa Povlenom i Maljenom. Visok je svega 866 m. Planina je obrasla listopadnom šumom, a veliki deo površine je pod pašnjacima i livadama. Na mestima se smenjuju mlada hrastova šuma i crnogorica, dok je Ravna gora prekrivena bukovom šumom.

Suvobor is a mountain visited by mountaineers and travelers on purpose because of its extremely beautiful nature and viewpoints, as well as the river courses that the entire region is rich in. It is often visited by lovers of herbs and mushrooms because of the extremely clean air and unpolluted nature.

On this tour, we will go on a hiking trail that, in addition to Suvobor, also includes part of Ravna Gora.

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