Svrljiške planine - Niševačka klisura i kanjon Belice »
Svrljiške planine - Niševačka klisura i kanjon Belice »

The Svrljig mountains are bounded by the Svrljig Timok in the north, the Sićevačka gorge in the south, the Trgoviška Timok in the east and the Niš valley in the west. The highest peak is Zeleni vrh 1334 m. The mountain is forested and covered with dense pastures where the famous Svrljig sheep graze.

The Nisevac gorge is an integral part of the 15 km long Svrljig gorge. Nature is untouched, and the gorge has retained its beauty that has always attracted people.

Belica is a left tributary of the Svrljig Timok and is known for the boilers that were created by the circular movement of river water. During the hot summer days, the water of the river Belica is a real refreshment for body and soul.

On this tour, we will pass through the Nisevac gorge, cool off at the Banjica beach, and visit the canyon of the river Belica. On the trail are exceptional natural beauties and important historical sites. There is no better way to spend a hot summer day!

Svrljiške planine, Niševac
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Svrljiške planine, Niševac

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