Uspon na Ostrovicu i Srpski Holivud

Uspon na Ostrovicu i Srpski Holivud »
Uspon na Ostrovicu i Srpski Holivud »

Ostrovica- represents a sharp volcanic dome with steep sides and is always recognizable in the relief of Šumadija. The local population calls it Ostrvica and it is often better known by that name. It is 758 m high and its ascent is a challenge for mountaineers.

On this trip, we will go on a hiking tour from the village of Ljutovnica to Rudnički breg. We will visit the tourist attraction Serbian Hollywood, where we will walk along the "Wizard of Oz" path and enjoy the fantastic view of Ostrovica. After that, there is an adrenaline-pumping ascent to the top of the volcanic coupe of Ostrovica.

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