The Treskovac peak, Natural Park Portile de Fier – Romania
The Treskovac peak, Natural Park Portile de Fier – Romania

The Trescovat Peak is located in the nature park of the Iron Gates (Portile de Fier) in Romania. It also offers a spectacular viewpoint above the Djerdap gorge, the longest gorge on the Danube. The Trescovat Peak is a stone formation that attracts attention with its special appearance and volcanic rocks that form an impressive rock wall. With its 755 meters, Treskovac is one of the highest peaks of the Portile de Fier (Iron Gates) natural park.

On this tour, we are expecting:

  • the ascent to Treskovac, the roof of the Djerdap Gorge and the mythical mountain of the inhabitants of the ancient Lepenski Vir

  • driving along the fascinating Đerdap-Danube motorway, where the Danube fights with the mountains

  • passing through Serbian villages in Romania, guardians of the old Serbian language

  • view from the Romanian side of the proud Golubac fortress in Serbia

  • spectacular view from the top of Treskovac on the most attractive parts of the Djerdap Gorge

  • getting to know the history, legends, customs and geography of the region

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