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Mountain Bobija

Bobija is a mountain in Western Serbia in the hilly and mountainous area of Azbukovica, which is located between the river Drina and Valjevo mountains. The highest peak of Bobija is Tornička Bobija at 1272 m. A special richness of this mountain are its beech and coniferous forests. In addition to them, the beauty of this mountain is made up of numerous lookouts and canyons of the rivers Trešnjica, Tribuća and Ljubovidje.

A one-day hiking tour where we will enjoy the most beautiful colors of autumn on this beautiful Podrinje mountain.

DEPARTURE LOCATION The parking lot at the municipality New Belgrade
INCLUDED IN THE PRICE Transportation from Belgrade

Hiking tour with a licensed hiking guide

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Other individual costs

Additional notes:

  • Equipment: Deep hiking boots with a vibram sole or sports shoes with a stronger sole, adequate clothing in accordance with the weather conditions. Backpack with the necessary mountaineering equipment for a one-day action. Be sure to bring enough water (1.5 l), one meal, energy bars, fruit, a spare T-shirt, long pants or tracksuit, an ID card and a health card.
  • Information about a hiking trail: circular trail, easy, length about 12 km, duration around 4h-5h, ascent / descent about 400 m.
  • The tour is organized for at least 17 registered passengers.
  • Own transportation: if you come with your own transport, the price of the tour is 1100 dinars.
  • The price is for members of "Explore Serbia". You can find membership information here.

Information and reservations:

Mount Bobija is the roof of Azbukovica

Azbukovica is a narrow and long area, a hilly and mountainous area in western Serbia, on the border with Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is located between the right bank of the Drina, Sokolske Mountains, Jablanik, Medvednik and the Trešnjica canyon. The landscape is a realm of untouched nature and rare beauty. The center of the region is a small town Ljubovija.

In the canyon of the river Trešnjica there is one of the last two litters of griffon vultures in Serbia, and a rare species of juvenile fish spawns in the river itself.

The river Trešnjica springs on the southwest side of Povlen at an altitude of 1185 meters, it flows into the Drina near Gornja Trešnjica at an altitude of 180 meters. It is 23 kilometers long. In the middle course, it flows through a picturesque canyon close to 6 km long, which is cut into an 800-1000 meter high area. In the canyon, Trešnjica receives the largest left tributaries, rivers Sušica and Tribuća. Tribuća is about 7 km long, springs below Tornička Bobija at an altitude of 1180 meters, flows south and with its lower course separates the Boskovac plateau in the west from the Gornje Košlje area in the east.

Bobija is 140 km away from Belgrade, 30 km from Ljubovija. Bobija is adorned with coniferous and beech forests, pastures and glades. The largest villages are Savkovići (Donji and Gornji Savkovići) and Gornje Košlje, which also includes numerous hamlets. Due to the diversity of relief, flora and fauna, the terrain is perfect for mountaineers, hunters and hikers.

How did Mount Bobija get its name?

The area of Azbukovica was inhabited in prehistory, as evidenced by the findings from tombs (tumulus) in the village of Lonjin and the town in Rujevac. Prehistoric tumulus represent a specific form of tombstones in the period from the beginning of the 3rd to the end of the 1st millennium BC.

In the people, these monuments were called mounds and "bobije." It is assumed that Mount Bobija was named after them.

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Belgrade – Valjevo – Debelo brdo

  • Departure from the parking lot at the municipality New Belgrade at 6.30 AM
  • Journey to Valjevo and Debelo Brdo. On the way coffee/breakfast break of 30 minutes.
  • Arrival at the starting point of the hiking tour.

Tornička Bobija and viewpoints hiking tour

  • Short preparation for the hiking tour, start around 10 am.
  • The hike starts from the forest house to the mine, then to the top Tornička Bobija at 1272 m. The trail is partly a macadam road, then through a beech, coniferous forest and meadows with beautiful views of the surrounding mountains.
  • End of the hike around 5 pm.
  • After the tour, on the way back to Belgrade, it is possible to arrange lunch at a nearby restaurant.
  • Information about a hiking trail: circular path, easy, length about 12 km, duration around 4h-5h, ascent / descent about 400 m.
  • The planned return to Belgrade is till 10 pm.
Planina Tornička Bobija
Planina Tornička Bobija
Planina Tornička Bobija
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Planina Bobija u jesen
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Mountain Bobija
Mountain Bobija
Mountain Bobija
Mountain Bobija
Mountain Bobija
Tornička Bobija
Planina Tornička Bobija u jesen
Planina Tornička Bobija
Planina Tornička Bobija
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Planina Tornička Bobija
Planina Tornička Bobija