May to September
1 day
Moderate to challenging

The Raca river canyon in the National Park Tara represents a superb canyoning experience for skillful and brave. A full canyoning tour with a length of 5.5 km, which boasts with interesting details and waterfalls.

Raca canyon The canyon is located in the middle course of the river Raca, which springs in the area of Kaludjerske Bare, in the northern part of the Tara mountain, and flows into the Drina near Bajina Basta.

The canyon's depth is from 330 to 350 meters. In the central part, the canyon is very narrow, only a few meters wide, and the sides are rocky, polished, and completely vertical. On the right side of the canyon, at the exit of the canyon, there is an alkaline-thermal karst spring Ladjevac with a water temperature of 15-18 °C.

DEPARTURE LOCATION Belgrade, the parking lot at the municipality of New Belgrade
INCLUDED IN THE PRICE Instructors' services

Necessary equipment (neoprene clothes, helmet, rope)

NOT INCLUDED Transportation to the location (for a minimum of 7 persons, we organize transportation at a price of 2,800 dinars per person)

Other individual costs

Additional notes:

  • Necessary personal equipment: backpack, hiking boots, layered clothes
  • The tour is organized for a minimum of 3, and a maximum of 12 participants
  • The tour is not recommended for physically inactive persons. It was the final exam for the cadets in Military Academy of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia
  • Learn more about passing through the canyons in the article What is canyoning? Challenge for the brave or fun adventure?



Belgrade - National Park Tara

  • Departure from Belgrade at 7 h
  • Trip around 4h to the National Park Tara

Canyoning adventure

  • Starting point from Jarevac Lake and ending at the Ladjevac spring near the medieval monastery of Raca, the endowment of King Dragutin from the 13th century (possible visit)
  • Duration of the tour is around 6 h at a length of the canyon is 5.5 km