2 days
Uvac canyon

We'll take you on kayaking and hiking tour of Uvac Canyon, which is known by its meanders and habitat of the griffon vulture. On our way to Uvac Canyon, close to Zlatibor Mt, we will visit Stopica cave and Ethno village Sirogojno.



The parking lot at the municipality New Belgrade

DEPARTURE TIME 6.30 h Novi Sad

8 h Belgrade

INCLUDED IN THE PRICE Transportation by minibus from Belgrade

One night with breakfast in private accommodation

Kayaking tour on Uvac Lake with duration of 4h

Necessary equipment for kayaking (paddles, vests), kayaking instructors

Taxes for entry into the special nature reserve, kayaking fees

Hiking tour to the Molitva viewpoint

Tour coordinator

NOT INCLUDED Tickets for Stopica cave (250 din), Sirogojno (120 din)

Food, except breakfast included (in agreement with the group there is the possibility of organizing dinner and lunch after kayaking)

Other individual costs

Additional notes:

  • For kayaking is not necessary previous experience, kayaks are stable and for two people. Before the tour, instructors hold a short course on kayaking.
  • For realization of tours by organized transport, it is necessary to have a minimum of 17 applications
  • Supplement for organized transportation from Novi Sad is 950 dinars.
  • If you go with your own transportation, the price is reduced by 1,500 dinars.
  • Price is for members of "Explore Serbia". You can find membership information here.

Information and reservations:

This program is valid general rules on execution and general conditions of travel of the organization "Explore Serbia"


First day: Belgrade - Stopica cave - Sirogojno - Uvac canyon

  • Departure from the parking lot at the municipality New Belgrade at 8h
  • Transfer to the special nature reserve Uvac, through Uzice and Zlatibor
  • Tour of Stopica cave, Sirogojna
  • Continuation of a trip towards Uvac canyon where we will arrive in the evening
  • Accommodation in private apartments
  • Overnight

Day 2: Uvac kayak tour - Belgrade

  • Breakfast.
  • At 9 h starts kayaking tour through Uvac's meanders.
  • After 2h of kayaking, arrival to Usacka Cave, entering in the cave with kayaks. Easy return back for 1 km where starts the hiking trail to viewpoint Molitva.
  • Hiking tour to Moltva viewpoint – 1.5h in total. From Molitva viewpoint is the most beautiful view to Uvac's meanders. Photo break for 20 minutes. Returning to kayaks and rowing back to the camp.
  • The expected end of the tour is around 16h. Lunch at the campsite on the shores of Uvac Lake.
  • After lunch, departure to Belgrade where we will arrive in the evening.

Stopica Cave

Stopica Cave is located on the NE side of Mount Zlatibor. It is a river cave, through flows Trnavski stream. Length of the cave is 1.692 m with the entrance of 35 m height and 18 m wide. Stopica cave consists of five sections: Light room, Dark room with baths, Channel with baths and River Channel. The Tuffaceous baths are very attractive; they were formed by deposits of limestone. They are the concave formations framed by stone walls, respectively curvy, pink tuffaceous folds where water is collected and is overflowed in the form of uniques cascades.

Stopica Cave


Sirogojno is an open-air museum, or “ethno village” known as the Old Village Museum covering nearly 5 hectares with authentic elements of ordinary life collected from all over the Zlatibor region from the 19th century. The ethno village displays a set of traditional wooden buildings, including a bakery, a dairy, and an inn, all in authentic form. The village of Sirogojno was declared a Monument of Culture of Exceptional Importance in 1983, and it is protected by the Republic of Serbia. The selected buildings represent a wealth of architectural and cultural development of Zlatibor region housing, also showing social and economic relations in rural settlements. Knowledge and skill with which timber was treated reached a high level, which places these buildings among the major architectural achievements. The Dinar log cabin is basically rectangular and placed on a stone foundation. Walls are made of logs – hewn beams placed horizontally on top of each other. The permanent exhibition consists of two Zlatibor households, with residential and commercial buildings, such were owned by cooperative rural families in the second half of 19th and early 20th century. The commercial part consists of structures for the storage and processing of fruits and buildings for livestock, while Shepherd’s Flat is a separate entity. In 2012 the museum exhibition included a reconstructed classroom, as well. All the buildings are furnished with authentic furniture.


Uvac Canyon

Special nature reserve, known for its meanders, whose height is up to 100 m. The canyon of the river is the habitat of 104 species of birds, of which the most important is the gigantic supporter of the eagle's eagle, the span of the wings and up to 3 meters, whose role in the food chain in the ecosystem is irreplaceable - the exclusive foods have killed his animals, thereby preventing the spread of the disease mode makes "natural recycling". Ice cave - part of the Ušacki cave system, the longest in Serbia (6185 m). It is distinguished by the richness of cave jewelry deposited from the flowing waters. If you want to find out more about the Uvca canyon, read our article Why Uvac is the place you must visit in Serbia?

Meandres of Uvac
Meandres of Uvac
kajaking Uvac
kajaking Uvac
kayaking on Uvac
hiking on Uvac
Uvac kayaking
kajaking Uvac
kayak tour on Uvac
kayak tour on Uvac
Kayak Uvac
kayak tour on Uvac
kayak tour on Uvac
kayaking on Uvac
kayak tour on Uvac
kayak tour on Uvac
Stopica Cave
Meandres of Uvac
Molitva viewpoint
Viewpoint Prayer Uvac