In accordance with the provisions of Articles 10, 11 and 12 of the Law on Associations ("Official Gazette of RS" No. 51/9), the Statute of the Association "Explore Serbia" was adopted. According to Article no. 1 of the Statute and in order to achieve its goals, the association "Explore Serbia" is engaged in organizing and conducting a trip for members of the Association.


For travel organized by the association "Explore Serbia" only members of the association can apply. The application can be made at the headquarters of the Association and through the web site (by filling in the application form and electronic payment to the current account of the Association).

The application becomes valid by issuing a travel confirmation. When applying, the member is obliged to pay the advance in the amount of 30% of the travel price, and the rest of the agreed price under the conditions defined by the travel program itself.


The obligations of the Association, the organizer of the trip, before departure are:

  • to issue a travel certificate to the member and to inform him about the plan and program of performance, general conditions of travel,
  • to introduce members to the offer of travel insurance,
  • to be concerned about the rights and interests of members before and during the trip.

By this Rulebook and General Travel Terms, it is defined that the Association - the organizer of the trip, has the right to pay a pro rata real difference between the agreed price and the travel price, unless the omissions occurred during the execution:

  • by the fault of a member, or attributed to a third party who was not contracted and the direct service provider in the implementation of the travel program,
  • acting in a more forceful and unforeseen event to which the Association has no influence and whose consequences are inevitable despite the exercise of due diligence or other events that the Association could not foresee and overcome.


The obligations and duties of the members of the association before departure are:

  • to get acquainted in detail with the travel program, the Rules and general travel terms and conditions of travel insurance,
  • to pay the agreed price under the conditions, within the deadlines and in the manner envisaged by the general conditions of travel and travel program,
  • to provide the organizer with timely information and all documents necessary for the organization of the trip,
  • to pay compensation for damage to the organizer or third parties, violation of legal and other regulations and these conditions,
  • appoint another person, who is a member of the Association, to travel instead with the condition that this person fulfills the conditions envisaged for a particular trip.


  • Prices are denominated in foreign currency, when it comes to foreign travel, and the payment of payment is made in dinars according to the selling rate of the business bank of the association on the day of payment. Prices for all domestic destinations are expressed exclusively in dinars.
  • Prices were created exclusively for the members of the "Izraži Serbia" Association. The association may foresee that services exclusively used abroad are paid directly by the member to the foreign partner.
  • In the price of travel, as a rule, includes: transportation, accommodation, food, transfers, guides, etc. (which are specifically mentioned in each travel program) as well as travel expenses.
  • The content of the journey is the whole of the services described and offered in the travel program provided by the travel organizer during the trip, for which he has published a unique price. Members of the Association approach the activities that are organized during the journey at their own risk and they bear all the consequences that may occur after them.
  • About the realization of the content and the carrying out of the trip according to the program and the General Traveling Conditions - during the trip - guides, followers or representatives of the Association, whose main responsibilities are information and assistance to the passengers on the spot, according to the travel program, are at the same time the basis of their services.
  • Instructions and instructions from guides, followers or representatives (in particular with regard to departure times, legal and other regulations, etc.) are binding on the passengers; failure to comply with these instructions could lead passengers to adverse situations and disorders whose consequences, in such a case, are borne in full,
  • The association is not responsible for the services provided and charged by the direct service provider, which were not foreseen by the travel program,
  • For travel by bus (minibus), the agreed time of the beginning of the journey is a meeting of the passengers at the bus stop (minibus) on the first day of the trip, as a rule, 30 minutes before the published departure time. The agreed time of the end of travel and organizer services is the arrival time of the bus (minibus) on the last day of the trip to the place of departure or another place provided by the travel program.
  • The start and end date of the arrangement determined by the travel program does not imply the entire day stay of members in the accommodation facility or destination. Time-time of departure or entry and entry of passengers into accommodation is conditioned by procedures at border crossings, road conditions, licenses of competent authorities, etc. to which the organizer of the road can not influence, and because of that the reasons given can not be the basis of the objections of the members,
  • Oral and all other types of information, which are different from those contained in the travel program, the Rules and the General Travel Conditions, as well as other acts of the association, do not bind the association and can not be the basis for the withdrawal of complaints - the complaint of members traveling.


The tour operator may request an increase in the agreed price before the start of the trip if, after the conclusion of the journey, there has been a change in the exchange rate, changes in the carrier's tariffs, legally foreseen cases, and in the case of a shortage of passengers from the minimum number of passengers envisaged by the travel program.

To increase the published price up to 10%, no consent of the members is required.

If the increase in the total contract price exceeds 10%, the member can cancel the journey in writing without the obligation to compensate, but not later than 48 hours after the delivery of the written notice on the increase of the price.

In this case, he is entitled to a refund of the payment he has made.

If the member does not inform the Association, within the specified deadline, that he will leave the travel, it is considered that he accepted the new price.

Subsequently published travel price reductions can not relate to earlier applications and can not be the basis for any complaint or complaint of a member towards the Travel Organizer.


Accommodation facilities, means of transport and other services are described according to the official categorization of each country at the time of publication of the travel program, they differ in quality and are not comparable in countries or within the same country. The quality of most services provided by the program (in particular accommodation, food and local transport) is not in accordance with generally applicable standards and depends to a large extent, in addition to the travel price, from their categorization according to the regulations of each country, to which the Association has no influence.

If the member has not contracted the services of certain, additional characteristics and quality in writing, there is no basis for submitting an objection to the Association-organizer of the trip.


  • Type of accommodation (rural household, mountain hut, camp, hotel, hostel, motel) will be indicated in each trip program.
  • The member assumes the obligation to know and respect the rules of behavior in the accommodation facility (about the manner of depositing and saving money, valuables and valuables, banning the entry of food and beverages into rooms, respecting the house rules, especially leaving the room at a certain time, etc.).
  • The Association - the tour operator shall not be liable for the loss or theft of money, documents, valuables and other things of passengers, nor for damages on this basis, nor for the damage resulting from non-compliance with the legal regulations, prescribed rules and customs established by the accommodation provider.
  • The variety, food and service quality depends on the travel price, category of the object, regardless of whether it is served by the principle of a buffet or menu.
  • The specified rules and standards for accommodation and boarding of passengers will be applied analogously to the transfer and transport of passengers as well as regulations, principles and rules specified by the carrier (transportation in any means of transport does not include numbered seats, nor meals and drinks are included during the trip , except where specifically agreed),
  • Transport by bus (minibus) and bus transfers is done by standard tourist buses according to the regulations and criteria applicable in the country where the bus operator is registered by the tour operator.
  • As a rule, there is no pre-determined seating arrangement, nor a fixed way of changing seats per day while traveling by bus. Exceptions may be individual bus trips; in such cases this issue is regulated by a special provision in the travel program itself,
  • In the event of a delay of the bus due to weather conditions, extraordinary occurrences in traffic, excessive holding at borders, malfunction and the like, the tour operator shall not be held liable for any delayed consequences,
  • Provisions regarding travel by other means of transport are indicated in travel programs that provide for the use of these means of transport.


The general terms and conditions of travel and information published in travel programs relating to travel documents relate exclusively to citizens of the Republic of Serbia.

The association - the tour operator does not bear responsibility and is not obliged to meet travelers, nationals of other states, with regulations concerning travel (visa regime, customs, health regulations, etc.) applicable to destination or transit countries.

Foreign citizens interested in or applying for travel in the organization of the "Explore Serbia" association should themselves be informed by the competent diplomatic missions and to provide them with the necessary visas and documents in due time.

For travel abroad, a member must possess a valid passport with a validity period of at least six months from the date of the end of the journey. The member is personally responsible for the correctness and validity of his passport. The representatives of the Association - the organizers of the voyage are not competent or authorized to determine the validity and correctness of the passports and travel documents of the passengers.

All consequences of the loss or theft of the passport during travel as well as the costs of issuing a new travel document shall be borne by the traveler.

  • The member is obliged to respect in all respects the customs, foreign exchange and other regulations of the Republic of Serbia, transit countries and those in which he resides (such as specific food or special accommodation); the tour operator does not take responsibility for the consequences on that basis if his supplementary obligations regarding the health of passengers are not specified by the special conditions in the travel program.
  • If the trip can not be realized due to a member's failure to comply with travel documents, border, customs and health regulations, the provisions of point 9 of this Ordinance and the General Travel Conditions shall apply.
  • A member is obliged to pay compensation for damage to the Association - the organizer of travel or to third parties - in violation of legal and other regulations as well as these General Travel Terms.
  • The personal data that a member has given to the travel organizer in connection with the realization of the trip is an official secret. Passengers' addresses, place, time and travel cost, as well as the names of the traveler, can not be communicated to other persons, other than persons designated by special regulations.


The association - the tour operator may cancel the journey in whole or in part, in the case of:

  • occurrence of extraordinary circumstances which, if they existed at the time of publishing the program, were justified reasons for the tour operator not to announce the program and to conclude contracts,
  • in case of insufficient number of registered members and other objective circumstances, he is obliged to notify members no later than five days before the scheduled start of the trip, with the obligation to return the paid funds to the passenger as a whole, no later than eight days from the date of receipt of the written request of the member money transfer account information).
  • The association - the organizer of the voyage before the start and during the trip, reserves the right to change the day or hour of the trip, which is obliged to notify the member without delay.
  • The association has the right to change the route of the trip, if travel conditions (security situation, natural disasters or other exceptional and objective circumstances as well as in case of force majeure) are changed without the obligation to pay damages or any other compensation to the member. In these cases, the travel organizer shall bear any additional costs of changing the travel program. If the initiated trip for justified reasons is terminated, the Association is entitled to compensation for services actually rendered.


The member has the right to cancel the trip, which he is obliged to perform in writing by the Association - the organizer of the trip. The date when the Association received a written decision on the cancellation by the passengers, is the basis for calculating the fee that belongs to the organizer of travel, expressed as a percentage of the total travel price, as follows:

  • 10% if the trip is canceled up to 30 days before the published departure,
  • 20% if it is canceled 29 to 20 days,
  • 30% if canceled 19 to 15 days,
  • 50% if canceled 14 to 4 days,
  • 100% if canceled 3 to 0 days prior to the published trip on the trip or during the trip.

Changing the agreed place and date of travel, accommodation, accommodation unit shall be deemed to be a departure from the traveler.

The member is obliged to compensate the organizer for only the expenses incurred, if the cancellation occurred due to:

  • member disease
  • the death of a spouse, a relative of the first order, brother or sister,
  • calls for a military exercise member,
  • natural disasters (officially declared).
  • For these cases, a member is obliged to submit to the Association evidence that exercises rights from health insurance on the basis of temporary prevention of work (certificate of general practitioners, death certificate or call for military exercise). Cases of local terrorist attacks, explosions, illnesses, epidemics and other diseases, natural disasters, unsuitable climatic conditions and the like for which no state of emergency has been declared by the competent state authorities can not be considered as justified reasons for the cancellation or termination of travel.
  • The organizer of the trip, in the event that the member who gave up, provides the appropriate replacement or the replacement is made by the organizer, he is obliged to return the paid funds to the traveler in the total amount, deducting the administrative expenses (in the amount of 12 EUR), the actual and the costs incurred. A sudden illness implies an unexpected and unexpected disease by authorized physicians, ie, an infectious disease or an organic disorder that arises after a traveler's certificate and is not related to, nor is a consequence of any prior medical condition, and it is of such a nature that it requires the treatment and stay in the hospital and prevents the commencement of the contracted journey.
  • In case of cancellation due to illness, death or other reasons covered by the travel insurance policy, money is returned to the member of the insurance company whose policy he owns.
  • The money can be returned only personally to the member or the person who made the payment on behalf of the member.
  • In cases provided for in this Ordinance and General Conditions of Travel, a member shall be returned to the member by the method of payment he himself has used (cash or invoice).
  • In the event of cancellation of a trip, a member has the right to determine another person who will travel to him instead (if this person meets the conditions prescribed for a particular trip); In such a case, the member is obliged to compensate the Association for actual costs caused by passenger replacement.


  • When traveling by bus, a member has the right to transport one suitcase or travel bag in the luggage box and, as a rule, one hand luggage. No additional equipment for carrying out various travel activities (for skiing, rafting, exploring caves, canyons, etc.) is not counted,
  • When traveling by minibus the conditions for luggage will be defined in the travel program of the Association,
  • The member is obliged to take care of the lecture and taking of his luggage when entering and leaving the vehicle, as well as his hand luggage enters the bus (minibus),
  • Likewise, a member should permanently control his luggage, from entering to leaving the accommodation facility, especially in halls and common areas,
  • Association - the tour operator does not take responsibility for lost, damaged or stolen luggage during travel, or for those who arrived late with or after the trip,
  • All rights in connection with the luggage that has been lost, damaged or delayed, shall be exercised by contacting the person himself and directly to the carrier or accommodation service provider, in accordance with applicable international and domestic regulations and shocks.


The association - the tour operator is obliged to inform the member about the possibilities of securing the health insurance policy during the stay abroad, as well as the securing of the luggage, insurance against accidents and insurance against cancellation of travel. A traveler's certificate confirms that he is offered a travel insurance package.


The manner and conditions for resolving complaints or reclamation of members:

  • A member is obliged to notify the representative of the Association without delay and on the spot, and if this is not available, directly to the immediate service provider (eg carrier or hotel operator),
  • The member should cooperate in good faith to eliminate the causes of the objection on the spot and accept the offered solution that corresponds to the agreed service on the journey,
  • If the cause of the complaint is not remedied on the spot, the member shall deliver a written complaint to the representative of the Association or the service provider in two copies signed by both parties. A member keeps a copy of this objection.
  • If the reason for the objection is fixed on the spot (on the same day or during the trip), the member is obliged to indicate it on the copy that he handed over to the representative of the Association,
  • If the deficiencies are not remedied on the spot, the member is obliged to submit a justified and documented written complaint within a period of eight days from the agreed day of the end of the trip, exclusively to the Association - the organizer of the trip (with the receipt of confirmation on the spot, paid in connection with non-executed services and other evidence) in which he can request a refund of the difference in price,
  • The association will not consider group complaints. Each member of the traveler, on his own behalf (or on behalf of a person with a regular power of attorney for representation), submits an individual complaint individually.
  • Association - the tour operator is obliged to take into account only timely, reasoned and documented complaints that could not be removed on the spot during the trip.

Complaints and complaints

  • The association is obliged to submit a reply to the member in writing within 15 days, or to pay a price difference to the member within fifteen days, counting from the date of receipt of a justified complaint.
  • The difference in price based on a member's reclamation can only reach the amount of the advertised, but not completed part of the service and can not include the services already used, nor can it reach the total travel price. The amount of compensation, which is payable on a timely and timely objection, is proportionate to the degree of non-performance or partly performed services.
  • If a member accepts payment of a fee in the name of a proportional price reduction or some other form of compensation, it is understood that he agrees with the proposal of the Association - the organizer of the trip for a consensual resolution of the dispute, thus renouncing all further claims towards the organizer of the trip in relation to the disputed relationship,
  • It shall be deemed that, by returning a member of the difference in price, an agreement has been reached with him in accordance with the legal regulations and this Ordinance and the General Travel Conditions,
  • In case the eventual dispute can not be resolved by mutual agreement, the member and the Association - the organizer of the trip, the jurisdiction of the court is accepted. In the event of a court dispute, the court in Belgrade is in charge of the seat of the Association - the organizer of the trip,
  • Any request by a member to institute proceedings before the competent authorities before the expiry of the deadline for resolving the complaint shall be deemed premature,
  • Likewise, informing the public through the media about the dispute before the deadline for resolving the complaint expires will be considered by the Association as irreparable as the violation of the agreement reached and the agreed travel.


The personal data of the member, which he gives voluntarily, is the business secret of the Association. The member agrees that the personal information of the Association - the organizer of the trip can be used for the realization of the agreed travel program, whereby the address, place, time and price of travel and the name of the traveler can not be communicated to other persons, except for persons specified by special regulations.


Members are asked to read the Rules and General Travel Terms carefully.

Their provisions are an integral part of the agreed and confirmed travel between the Association - the organizer of the trip and the member.

They are determined by basic rights and are binding on both sides.

For some special trips, the Association "Explore Serbia" may prescribe and publish "Special Travel Conditions", which in those cases are an integral part of the travel program.