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Istražite Beograd kroz urbane istraživačke igrice na zabavan i inspirativan način. Beograd je jedan od najstarijih gradova Evrope. Oduvek je bio na raskršću različitih civilizacija. Svaki korak kroz grad otkriva deo bogate istorije Beograda koji je nekada imao različita imena: „Brdo za razmišljanje“, „Brdo bitke i slave“, „Kuća ratova“, „Kuća slobode“. Radi se o gradu

Fruska Gora was an island in the former Pannonian Sea. Today, this 539 meters high mountain, the dominant land mass of the entire Pannonian Plain. Fruška gora, thanks to its natural potentials, geographical position and rich history, offers plenty of content for different types of tourism. For those who want to spend a pleasant holiday in Serbia, in a beautiful natural environment,

Upon a tall cliff overshadowing the river, that carved its bed in this karst, a young bird appeared. At first, it contemplated the depth that lay before it, the green meanders of the river winding between the grey rocks, the towering cliff rising across it, and then looked up at the perfect blue of the cloudless sky. "What an ideal day to fly", - the eaglet thought as it stroked the air with its broad wings.

Canyoning means passing and descending through a riverbed with or without equipment. Lowering waterfalls and walls with or without ropes, crawling through cracks, jumping into pools filled with water and diving, are the main activities on canyoning. The emergence of the canyoning reaches into the distant past, when it was to enter and draw in every place in the vicinity

Via ferrata or steel paths are paths along the walls in which the steel ladders are used for climbing. They were created during the First World War for the needs of the Austrian and Italian armies in the Dolomites. These are tracks along the walls arranged with iron tools. In present time they represent a true tourist attraction because they are located in attractive areas. "Steel

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