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Kako izbeći sportske povrede tokom hikinga – top 3 saveta Ljubitelji avanture i rekreacije već sa prvim zracima sunca i nagoveštajima lepog vremena odlaze na svoje omiljene fizičke aktivnosti u prirodi. U našoj zemlji postoji veliki broj mogućnosti za upražnjavanjem različitih aktivnosti na otvorenom, a mnogima je jedna od omiljenih hiking ili pešačenje. Iako se

Fruska Gora was an island in the former Pannonian Sea. Today, this 539 meters high mountain, the dominant land mass of the entire Pannonian Plain. Fruška gora, thanks to its natural potentials, geographical position and rich history, offers plenty of content for different types of tourism. For those who want to spend a pleasant holiday in Serbia, in a beautiful natural environment,

Hiking is a form of walking with a specific purpose of exploring and enjoying natural beauties. Walking through natural areas that involves carrying the necessary equipment and all that is needed is a very popular recreational activity in many developed countries. People around the world enjoy hiking in nature, usually by already established trails. Terms of hiking and trekking are English terms and s

Activities in nature require good and functional equipment and comfort. If you are going for full-day hiking or hiking or water activities, it is best to have quick drying material on you so that you can move more easily and feel more comfortable. 1) Fast-drying synthetic material is a better cotton solution For multi-day activities in nature, the synthetic material is

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