28th to 39th August 2020
3 days
all ages
Golija, Uvac canyon

We will take you to Golija, a vast mountain of primeval beauty, preserved nature, and rich flora and fauna. The Golija-Studenica Biosphere Reserve is the only one in Serbia that is under UNESCO protection.

A three-day tour where we will visit the Studenica monastery from the 12th century. Hiking tour to the peak Janko's kamen at 1833 m and Bojovo Hill. The last day awaits us at the famous Uvac Canyon and magnificent views of its meanders.

Staying at mountain Golija will show you the rich tradition of this area.

DEPARTURE LOCATION The parking lot at the municipality New Belgrade
INCLUDED IN THE PRICE Transportation by minibus from Belgrade

Two overnights with half-board service (breakfast and dinner) in the motel "Kuc" at Golija mountain in double and triple rooms with private bathrooms.

Hiking tour at Golija with a guide

Hiking tour at Uvac and ticket for special nature reserve

Sightseeing to the itinerary

NOT INCLUDED Other not mentioned meals

Other individual costs

Additional notes:

  • Equipment: Standard for hiking actions. Layered clothes. Deep hiking shoes with a vibram sole or sports shoes with a stronger sole, adequate hiking clothes in accordance with weather conditions. A rucksack with the necessary hiking equipment. Bring enough water, some food (snacks, fruit).
  • Those who do not want to hike can spend their time walking around the accommodation on Golija or near the camp at Uvac
  • Accommodation at Golija: double and triple rooms with private bathrooms in the motel "Kuc"
  • Reservation: payment 40 % of the total amount, the rest by 24th August.
  • The tour is being organized for a minimum of 17 participants. In case of an insufficient number of applicants, the tour can be canceled not later than 3 days before the start of the tour.
  • Own transportation: if you come with your own transport, the price of the tour is reduced by 1500 dinars.
  • Price is for members of "Explore Serbia". You can find membership information here.

Information and reservations:

With this program are valid “Explore Serbia” association tour execution rules and general terms of travel, February 2020. The organizer reserves the right to the change program – schedule due to objective circumstances.
For this trip is not provided protection for travel guarantees.

Day one (Friday): Belgrade – Maglic fortress - Studenica Monastery – Golija

  • Departure from the parking lot at the municipality New Belgrade at 8h
  • Journey through the Ibar Valley close to the medieval fortress Maglič.
  • Continuation of the trip to the monastery Studenica, which for many is the most beautiful Serbian monastery. With the sophisticated architecture of the Byzantine-Raška school, it was built in a beautiful area in the 12th century. It was the cultural, spiritual and medical center of medieval Serbia.
  • In the afternoon we will arrive at Golija Odvracevnica and accommodate in the motel "Kuc"
  • Dinner. Superb homemade food that will complete your experience in this mountain ambiance. Socializing. Overnight stay.

Day two (Saturday): Hiking tour - Bojovo Hill - the highest peak Janko's stone

  • Breakfast.
  • Hiking tour to the peak Bojovo Hill at 1748 m, where is a magnificent view of the mountains of Montenegro, Kosovo, and Albania. Then we will continue to the highest peak of Golija Janko's stone at 1833 m.

Information about a hiking trail: length 15 km, ascend and descent around 500 m

Category: easy-moderate

Duration: around 5 h

  • Return to the accommodation in the late afternoon. Dinner. Socializing. Overnight stay.

Day three (Sunday): Uvac canyon - viewpoint Molitva - camp on the lake - Belgrade

  • Breakfast. Leaving the accomodation. Departure at 7.30 am.
  • Transfer to Sjenica and Sjenica Lake.
  • Hiking tour in Uvac Canyon from the camp at the lake to the Molitva viewpoint from where there is a unique view of the Uvac meanders. We will see griffon vultures, a species of vulture eagle, indispensable in the food chain.

Information about a hiking trail: 12 km (2 x 6 km, return along the same path), ascent and descent about 250 m

Category: easy

Duration: 3 h

  • After that, return to the camp where we will have lunch with traditional specialties from this area.
  • After lunch and relaxation at the lake, departure to Belgrade where we will arrive in the evening, around 10 PM.


Golija is the highest mountain in southwestern Serbia, stretching in the shape of the Latin letter S over a length of 32 kilometers. Its highest peak, the "Jankov Kamen" (1833 m), is named after Janko Sibinjanin. According to the legend, when he returned the Kosovo battle, he set a stone-mark at the summit. Golija is pretty sparsely populated, with lots of dirt and grassy paths that cross in dense forests.

The mountain has springs all over its territory, with about a hundred recorded. Golija is one of several mountains in Serbia where glacial phenomena have been observed. The two lakes are distinguished by their unusual appearance: Dajićko and Okruglica.

The mountain also has a vast expanse of forest cover. Beech forests are especially represented and some parts of them are as rain-forests. Its slopes are covered with vast meadows and pastures. The spruce forests have preserved peatlands, very specific and sensitive ecosystems. Our most wooded mountain hides but also preserves rare and rich flora and fauna. It has frequent specimens of tertiary flora. Endemic and relict species, and endangered species, are singled out in a multitude of about 900 plant species. The preserved natural rarity is a mountain maple, synonymous with the Golija flora. From the point of view of protection of mountain maple and its communities, it is very significant that the species survived the Ice Age and is still preserved in its original form in parts today.


The Studenica Monastery According to many, the monastery is one of the most beautiful Serbian monasteries, not only because of the sophisticated architecture of the Byzantine-Raska School, but also because of the beautiful landscape on which it was built. Stefan Nemanja built it from 1183 to 1196. When, in the same year, he first relinquished the throne in favor of his middle son, Stefan, at the National Assembly, and then he became a monk and got the name Simeon.

Under the care of his son Siant Sava, Studenica Monastery has become a cultural, spiritual and medical center of medieval Serbia.

In addition to his other works, Saint Sava wrote here the Studenicki tipik, the first literary work by Serbs.


It is not known when Maglich was erected, but it is believed that he was probably raised by Uros I after the Mongol invasions, to prevent the penetration of new invasions through the Ibar Gorge, that is, to protect the access to his endowment from the Sopocani and Nemanja Studenica from that side.

Another assumption is that in the early 13th century, he was raised by Uros's father Stefan the First-Crowned to protect his endowments Zica and Studenica.

The development of the Serbian medieval state and its shift to the south contributed to the loss of importance to Maglic, as a fort in the heart of the country far from borders and potential conquerors. So it's no wonder that it was the seat of Serbian Archbishop Danilo II. He was in charge of both church and state affairs from Maglic. He also organized writing church books within the city.


Uvac Canyon is Special Nature Reserve known by its meanders with a height of up to 100 m. The canyon is the habitat of 104 bird species, most notably the Griffon Vulture - vulture species, with a wingspan of 3 meters, which role in the food chain in the ecosystem is irreplaceable - it only feeds on dead animals, which prevents the spread of infection and it is important in "natural recycling." Ice cave is part of Uvac cave system, the longest cave system in the country (6185 m). It is rich in cave ornaments.

Golija jezero Nebeska suza, Okruglica
Golija jezero Nebeska suza, Okruglica
Golija Prvi maj
Manastir Studenica vizantijsko plavo
The Studenica Monastery
Golija Prvi maj
smeštaj Golija
Golija prvi maj
Izleti Srbija Prvi maj
planina Golija
šafran Golija
Golija hiking
Meandres of Uvac
Golija prvi maj
smeštaj Golija
Golija prvi maj
srpska hrana