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Komovi represent one of the most impressive mountain massifs in Montenegro. They belong to the Dinaric mountain system, surrounded by the mountain Bjelasica and the massif of the Kučki Planina and Prokletije. They are located near Kolašin and Andrijevica. In terms of surface area, they occupy a relatively small area, while in terms of the height of their peaks, they are among the highest mountains in Montenegro. The Komovi massif consists of several peaks, and the most famous are three peaks: the highest Kučki Kom (2487 m), then Ljevorecki (2469 m) and Vasojevićki Kom (2461 m).

Bjelasica is the most famous mountain in Montenegro due to its richness and variety of vegetation, which is specific because of its volcanic origin. It is located between the river Lim and Tara in the east and Ljuboviđa and Lepenica in the north. It belongs to the municipalities of Kolašin, Mojkovac, Bijelo Polje, Berane and Andrijevica, and is accessible from almost all directions. It is decorated with glacial lakes or "mountain eyes", of which there are six. The most famous is Lake Biogradsko, which together with the old rainforest of Biogradska Gora forms the national park of the same name - the oldest in Europe. The highest peaks of Bjelasica are: Crna glava (2139 m), Zekova glava (2117 m) and Troglav (2072 m).

On this trip, 2 days of hiking and enjoying natural phenomena and mountain scenery await us. We will hike along the picturesque trail to Vasojevički Kom, then the green Bjelasica, and relax on Lake Biograd surrounded by conifers.

DEPARTURE LOCATION The parking lot at the municipality New Belgrade
INCLUDED IN THE PRICE Transportation by minibus from Belgrade

A total of 2 nights with breakfast in a rural household

Mountaineering tour at Komovi and Bjelasica

Entrance fees to the Biogradska gora national park

Local taxes

Meals: 2 breakfasts, 2 lunches (1 in katun and 1 lunch package) and 2 dinners

Local mountaineering licensed guides

Accident insurance for 2 days of hiking

Sightseeing to the itinerary

NOT INCLUDED Other individual costs

International travel health insurance

Additional notes:

  • Necessary personal equipment for the tour Komovi i Bjelasica: Deep hiking shoes with a Vibram sole, hiking poles, and adequate clothing in accordance with the weather. Backpack with the necessary mountaineering equipment for three-day hiking, enough water (1.5-2 liters per day), energy bars, spare T-shirts, long hiking pants, raincoats, sunscreen, hat or cap, ID card, and health ID card.
  • Komovi and Bjelasica hiking tours are recommended for people in good physical condition. They are not recommended for people with health problems. The guide reserves the right not to take persons with inadequate equipment on the hike. Consumption of alcoholic beverages before and during hiking is prohibited; in case of bad weather and other objective circumstances, hiking can be postponed to another date.
  • Those who do not want to hike, can spend time on their own and enjoy short walks in the surroundings.

Reservations for Komovi and Bjelasica tour:

  • At the time of application, the entire amount or ~ 40%, or 80 EUR, is paid, and the rest of 125 EUR no later than July 10 (payment is made through an account in the dinar equivalent at the middle exchange rate of the NBS on the day of payment).
  • Own transportation: in case you come with your own transport, the price of the tour is 170 EUR and includes the use of your own transport on local roads. Reservations: Prilikom prijave plaća se celokupan iznos ili ~ 40 % odnosno 70 EUR, a ostatak od 100 EUR najkasnije do 24.jula (plaćanje se vrši preko računa u dinarskoj protivvrednosti po srednjem kursu NBS-a na dan uplate).
  • Accommodation: double, triple and quadruple rooms in bungalows (mountain houses) with shared bathrooms.
  • Food: 2 breakfasts and 2 lunches (1 packed lunch) and 2 dinners with excellent homemade food are provided.

Conditions in case of cancellation by travelers:

  • If the reservation is canceled within 30 days from the date of arrival of the group, the organizer does not charge a fee. If the reservation is canceled within 30 to 7 days from the date of arrival of the group, the organizer retains a fee of 40%. If the reservation is canceled in less than 7 days from the date of arrival of the group, the organizer retains a fee of 100%. Note: The advance payment upon cancellation is non-refundable, except in case of replacement by another passenger.
  • In case of changes in the monetary market, as well as changes in the prices of carriers and other service providers, the agency reserves the right to adjust the price of the arrangement.
  • Tura Komovi i Bjelasica se organizuje za minimum 18 prijavljenih putnika.
  • In case of insufficient number of registered passengers or unfavorable weather conditions, the deadline for notification of the postponement or cancellation of the tour by the organizer is 2 days before departure.
The tour is organized by “Balkanica travel agency”, Bijelo Polje. Travel agency Explore Balkans doo acts as a sub-agent of the travel organizer.

Day one: Belgrade - Lubnica

  • Departure from Belgrade at 4 p.m.
  • Journey to Montenegro, with occasional breaks. Arrival in the late evening. Accommodation in a rural household in the village of Lubnica near Berane. Dinner. Overnight stay.

Day two: Mountaineering tour on Komovi

  • After breakfast, we go hiking on one of the tamer peaks of Komovi - Vasojević Kom. We start the tour directly from the accommodation and return the same way. There are many stories and legends about Vasojevićki Kom, and for this occasion we will mention one that says that around 1857 the top of Koma Vasojevićka cracked - which until then had various names: Zlorečki (after the river Zlorečica), Konjuški (after the village and the area) below it) and Božić (per village, katun Božiće); and the name Bavan was especially used for him by the family Kuči. As a result of the large crack that appeared at that time, the stones broke off intensively and fell down its sides towards Medjukomlje. By the way, until the peace between families Kuči and Vasojević, who were fighting each other over the pastures and katuns of Komovi, the name of the mountain was Kom. Then it was divided into names known today Kom Vasojevićki (2,461 m), Kučki (2,487 m) and Ljevorečki (2,469 m).
  • Information about the mountain trail: easy-moderate, total duration about 5 hours with breaks, total length about 6 km, with a total ascent and descent of about 650 m.
    • Start of the trail: 1.810 m, Štavna
    • Goal: Vasojevićki Kom, 2461 m
    • Altitude difference: 651 m
    • Length of the trail: about 6 km
    • Water sources - at the start of the tour
    • Trail difficulty: moderate

Day three: Mountaineering tour on Bjelasica - Biograd Lake - Belgrade

  • After breakfast, departure from the accommodation. About an hour's transfer to Katun Vranjak, from where we start hiking on Bjelasica mountain, the only mountain of volcanic origin in Montenegro. We will partially use the famous mountain bike trail TOP 3, stop at the viewpoint near Pešić Lake, and enjoy the view of Biograd Lake from the Bendovac viewpoint. Biogradska Gora is the oldest rainforest in Europe and the oldest national park in Montenegro. After a long hike, we will enjoy a fresh mountain meal in one of the local katuns (mountain huts). After the meal, transfer by older vans or jeeps to Biograd Lake where the transport to Serbia is waiting for us. Coffee or tea by the lake. End of tour.
  • Information about the mountain trail: easy-moderate, total duration about 6 hours with breaks, total length about 14 km, with a total ascent and descent of about 650 m.
    • Beginning of the trail: Katun Vranjak, 1678 m
    • Goal: Lalevića Dolovi, Bendovac viewpoint, 2075 m
    • Altitude difference: 400 m
    • Length of the trail: about 14 km
    • Water sources - at the start of the tour
    • Trail difficulty: easy-moderate
  • The departure for Belgrade is planned until 15:00, in order to arrive around 22:00, with a note that the exact time of return depends on road conditions and breaks along the way.
Komovi planinarenje
Komovi planinarenje Vasojevićki Kom
Lake Ursulovac Bjelasica
Ursulovsko lake
Komovi planinarenje
Komovi planinarenje Vasojevićki Kom
Komovi Crna Gora i konji
Komovi hiking