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4 days
moderate, difficult
National Park Triglav

Triglav National Park, a unique national park in Slovenia, represents a natural and cultural heritage of inestimable importance for the country. It got its name from the imposing Triglav Peak, the highest mountain in the Julian Alps, which rises to 2,864 meters. Triglav is not only a geographical landmark, but also one of the main symbols of the Republic of Slovenia. Its likeness can be seen on the national coat of arms and flag.

The origin of the name Triglav is intriguing and shrouded in mystery. According to one popular theory, the name is connected with Slavic mythology. The top of the mountain is believed to have been the throne of a three-headed deity. This deity, sometimes interpreted as a personification of heaven, earth, and the underworld, symbolizes the unity of natural forces and reflects the deep connection of Slavs with their natural environment.

Triglav National Park is a real paradise for mountaineers and adventure lovers. Its many trails and landscapes offer an unforgettable experience to every visitor.

On this four-day tour, we will take you through the heart of the Triglav National Park. Our adventure will begin in Bled, a famous tourist destination known for its beautiful lake and picturesque island. Then we head to the Vintgar Gorge, a natural wonder where the Radovna River flows through rocks shaped over thousands of years. For lovers of true hiking, this tour offers a real treat. We will hike to mountain lodges on Triglav itself and around Lake Bohinj, along the Zlatorog trail. The braver among us can opt for the adrenaline-fueled climb to the top of Triglav, which is located at a height of 2,864 meters.

DEPARTURE LOCATION The parking lot at the municipality New Belgrade
INCLUDED IN THE PRICE Transportation from Belgrade

A total of 3 nights in the Triglav National Park - 2 nights in the vicinity of Bled and 1 night in a mountain lodge on Triglav

Mountaineering tour on Triglav from Pokljuka to the mountain lodge Vodnikov dom and Planika

Hiking tour and tickets to Vintgar Gorge and Savica Waterfall

Hiking tour on Lake Bohinj

Local taxes

Mountaineering licensed guides

Sightseeing to the itinerary

NOT INCLUDED Ascent to Triglav

Other individual costs

International travel health insurance

Additional notes:

  • Necessary personal equipment for the Triglav National Park tour: Deep hiking shoes with Vibram soles, trekking poles, and adequate clothing according to the weather conditions. Backpack with necessary mountaineering equipment for a three-day hike, enough water (1.5-2 l per day), energy bars, fruit, spare t-shirts, long hiking pants, raincoat, headlamp, sunscreen, hat, or cap.
  • Mountaineering tours are recommended for people in good physical condition. They are not recommended for people with health problems. The guide reserves the right not to take persons with inadequate equipment on the hike. Consumption of alcoholic beverages before and during hiking is prohibited; in case of bad weather and other objective circumstances, hiking can be postponed to another date.
  • Ascent to the highest peak of Triglav
    • The surcharge is 85 EUR. It is organized for a minimum of 4 applicants. The maximum in one group is 4 people per one guide. When registering for the tour, you must emphasize that you want to climb Triglav. The amount of EUR 85 is paid in Slovenia.
    • It is included in the price - rental of safety equipment (climbing harness, via ferrata set, helmet), licensed local guides
    • For the ascent to the highest peak, experience in high mountain hiking tours is necessary. The ascent is technically demanding and requires good physical preparation.

Reservations for the Triglav National Park tour:

  • At the time of application, the entire amount or ~ 40%, ie EUR 130, must be paid, and the rest of EUR 190 no later than July 29 (payment is made through an account in dinar equivalent at the mid-rate of the NBS on the day of payment).
  • Own transportation: in case you come with your own transport, the price of the tour is 260 EUR and includes the use of your own transport on local roads. Reservations: At the time of registration, the entire amount or ~ 40%, ie EUR 105, is paid, and the rest of EUR 155 no later than July 29 (payment is made through an account in the dinar equivalent at the middle exchange rate of the NBS on the day of payment).
  • Accommodation:
    • double, triple, quadruple, and multi-bed rooms in guesthouses near Bled with shared bathrooms
    • multi-bed dormitories in mountain lodges with shared bathrooms
  • Food: in your own organization, there is a possibility to order meals (breakfast and dinner) and drinks in mountain lodges.

Conditions in case of cancellation by travelers:

  • If the reservation is canceled within 30 days from the date of arrival of the group, the organizer does not charge a fee. If the reservation is canceled within 30 to 7 days from the date of arrival of the group, the organizer retains a fee of 40%. If the reservation is canceled in less than 7 days from the date of arrival of the group, the organizer retains a fee of 100%. Note: The advance payment upon cancellation is non-refundable, except in case of replacement by another passenger.
  • In case of changes in the monetary market, as well as changes in the prices of carriers and other service providers, the agency reserves the right to adjust the price of the arrangement.
  • Tura nacionalni park Triglav se organizuje za minimum 15 prijavljenih putnika.
  • In case of insufficient number of registered passengers or unfavorable weather conditions, the deadline for notification of the postponement or cancellation of the tour by the organizer is 3 days before departure.
The tour is organized by “Balkanica travel agency”, Bijelo Polje. Travel agency Explore Balkans doo acts as a sub-agent of the travel organizer.

First day: Belgrade - Bled - Vintgar gorge

  • Departure from Belgrade at 6h
  • Travel to Slovenia, by highway through Croatia. Short breaks by the way. Depending on the stay at the border, arrival in Bled in the afternoon, around 3 pm. Coffee break and a short walk. Departure to Vintgar Gorge. It represents one of the most beautiful natural phenomena in Slovenia. Often referred to as the gateway to the Triglav National Park, the gorge boasts an exceptional geological formation that is the result of thousands of years of erosion by the Radovna River. The gorge is about 1.6 kilometers long, and its vertical cliffs reach a height of up to 100 meters, which creates an impressive sight that attracts many visitors.
  • We will go on a hiking tour on an easy path over wooden bridges all the way to Šum waterfall. It is about 13 meters high and is the perfect end to a tour of the Vintgar Gorge. We will refresh ourselves near the waterfall and take unforgettable photos. It will take us about 2 to 3 hours to visit the Vintgar Gorge.
  • Departure to accommodation. Overnight stay.

Second day: Bled - Pokljuka - hiking on Triglav - ascent to the mountain lodge Vodnikov dom, Planinka and Kredarica

  • Breakfast in your own organization. Transfer to Pokljuka lasting about 30 minutes. Pokljuka is the largest plateau in Triglav National Park. This forested mountain plateau is 20 kilometers long and almost 20 kilometers wide. Today, Pokljuka is one of the symbols of ecotourism in Slovenia. It is a popular destination in all seasons due to its altitude and fresh air. It has extremely rich pine forests and grasslands, hidden canyons, and natural coves.
  • We are going to the hiking trail, or more precisely, this is where our two-day hiking tour begins. Through the coniferous forest, we reach the intersection where the pastures of the Konjščica mountain can be seen. We continue to the Jezerce Valley in the very heart of the Triglav National Park and further along the stream to Studorski Preval, where we will enjoy the picturesque landscapes at the location of Rob Nad Klancem.
  • Continuation of the slopes of Veliki Draški Vrh and Tosc, to Vodnik's Lodge at 1817 m. After covering 8 km, we will take a break for refreshments. From the Vodnik's Lodge, there is a beautiful view of Triglav and the surrounding peaks.
  • The group is divided into two parts here.

Group I

  • A smaller group, which will go to the highest peak of Triglav the next day, after a break in Vodnik's Lodge continues to mountain lodge Kredarica which is located at 2515 m. Ascent on rocky terrain, which is secured by a cable in several sections. Arrival at the mountain lodge in the evening. Overnight stay.
  • Information about the hiking trail for the I group: moderate, duration about 10 hours with breaks, length about 12 km, with a total ascent of about 1400 m.
    • Beginning of the trail: 1,335 m, Pokljuka plateau
    • Goal: mountain lodge Kredarica at 2,515 m
    • Altitude difference: 1180 m
    • Length of the trail: about 12 km
    • Trail difficulty: moderate

Group II

  • After a break in Vodnik's Lodge, continuation to mountain lodge Planika and return along the same path back to Vodnik's Lodge. Overnight stay.
  • Information about the hiking trail for the II group: moderate, duration about 8 hours with breaks, length about 14 km, with a total ascent of 1260 m and descent of about 770 m.
    • Beginning of the trail: 1,335 m, Pokljuka plateau
    • Goal: Planika mountain lodge at 2,401 m and Vodnik's Lodge at 1,817 m
    • Altitude difference: 1066 m
    • Length of the trail: about 14 km
    • Trail difficulty: moderate

Third day: Mountaineering on Triglav - ascent to the highest peak Triglav - Pokljuka - Bled

Group I

  • Early rise and departure for the climb to Triglav no later than 7 a.m. It is mandatory to use technical equipment (helmets, climbing harness, and via ferrata set).
  • A path leads from the mountain lodge over rocky terrain, where the ascent is constant and secured by pegs and cables along almost the entire length. The ascent requires good physical preparation and skill in rock climbing. 
  • You will first reach Mali Triglav, then climb the exposed section over the ridge and arrive at the highest peak Triglav at 2,864 m which is marked with the steel Aljaž tower.
  • After a well-deserved break on the highest peak of Slovenia and the former Yugoslavia, there is a descent to the Planika mountain lodge. That section has a slightly gentler slope, also secured with cables and pegs. Then there is a descent through a short couloir and over a sipar. Soon you will reach the Planika lodge at 2,401 m, where a short break is planned. Continue to Vodnik's lodge, where both groups join and descend together to the Pokljuka plateau.
  • Information about the hiking trail for the I group: difficult, duration about 12 hours with breaks, length about 18 km, with a total ascent of about 1400 m and a total descent of about 2500 m.
    • The start of the trail: Kredarica mountain lodge at 2,515 m
    • Goal: Triglav at 2,864 m and the Pokljuka plateau at 1,335 m
    • Altitude difference: +349 m, - 1529 m
    • Length of the trail: about 18 km
    • Trail difficulty: difficult

Group II

  • Waking up in a beautiful mountain environment, enjoying short walks around the mountain lodge. After joining the 1st group, around noon, descent to the Pokljuka plateau.
  • Information about the hiking trail for the II group: moderate-easy, duration about 5 hours with breaks, length 8 km, with a total descent of about 1000 m.
    • The start of the trail: Vodnik's Lodge at 1,817 m
    • Goal: Pokljuka plateau at 1,335 m
    • Altitude difference: - 482m
    • Dužina staze: oko 8 km
    • Trail difficulty: easy-moderate
  • Transfer to Bled. Overnight stay.

Fourth day: Bled - Savica waterfall - Lake Bohinj - Radovljica - Belgrade

  • Leaving the accomodation by 8 am. Transfer to Savica waterfall, which is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Slovenia. It is located about a 30-minute drive from Bled and not far from Lake Bohinj. The turquoise waterfall is 78 m high and is fed from the Black Lake, one of the 7 lakes located in the Triglav Valley. The Savica waterfall originates from the Savica River, which flows into Lake Bohinj and creates a river known to everyone as Sava Bohinjka.
  • We go to Bohinj Lake where we will walk part of of the Zlatorog trail, a mythical creature that hides in the mountains. Zlatorog (he Golden Horn) is a shy creature and rarely shows itself to people, and legend has it that whoever sees the Golden Horn will be rewarded with incredible luck.
  • Lake Bohinj is the largest natural lake in Slovenia, of glacial-tectonic origin. The main tributary of the lake is the river Savica, and the river Jezernica flows from the lake. It is located at about 500 meters above sea level, with a maximum depth of about 45 m and an area of ​​about 320 ha. In 1981, Lake Bohinj was included in the Triglav National Park.
  • After a hike on Lake Bohinj, near Bled, we will stop at Radovljica, the capital of Slovenian beekeeping and chocolate. The town with the most sun in Gorenjska region. In the center is Linhart Square, which is decorated with houses from the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries. Free time for a walk in the old part of the city and for lunch.
  • The departure for Belgrade is planned until 15:00, in order to arrive around 22:00, with a note that the exact time of return depends on road conditions and breaks along the way.
Nacionalni park Triglav planinarenje
Nacionalni park Triglav Sava Bohinjka
Bledsko jezero
Planinarenje na Triglavu
Vrh Triglav 2864 m
Sava Bohinjka Triglav
vodopad Savica Triglav
National Park Triglav
Vodnikov dom Triglav
Triglavski dom Kredarica
uspon na Triglav
Triglav hiking
Narodni park Triglav
Bohinjsko jezero Triglav
vodopad Savica Nacionalni park Triglav
planinarski dom Planika Triglav
Zlatorog Triglav
uspon na Triglav
Jezero Bled