3 days

Experience with us adventurous rafting on Lim River staying in a beautiful mountain village, Kamena Gora. of exceptional importance. We’ll take you in hiking and boat tour of Uvac canyon, which is known by its meanders and the habitat of the griffon vulture.

DEPARTURE LOCATION The parking lot at the municipality New Belgrade
INCLUDED IN THE PRICE Transportation by minibus from Belgrade
Two overnights in rural households in Kamena Gora
Rafting tour 20 km lenght, rubber boat with additional equipment (safety vests, helmets, neoprene suit, and boots) and professional rafting skipperHiking tour and boat drive in Uvac canyon, visiting Icy Cave and viewpoint MolitvaTickets and tax for entering to the special natural reserve Uvac
Tour coordinator
NOT INCLUDED Food (it is possible to order food at an affordable price)
Other individual costs

Additional notes:

  • Equipment – We recommend clothes that dries up quickly and does not soak too much water. You can wear it under a neoprene suit. Lim rafting does not require previous rowing experience. Every boat includes a licensed rafting skipper that will control a boat and take care of safety; rafting is performed with rubber unsinkable boats specially designed for wild waters. The boat capacity is 10-12 persons. Before the start, a skipper holds a short course on rafting and it is important that the participants honor the instructions they receive from the skipper
  • Food In the village is possible to buy meals at affordable prices. The food is traditional and very tasty.
  • For the realization of the tour, it is necessary to have a minimum of 17 entries
  • Payment: 30 % at registration, the rest at least 5 days before the tour
  • Price is for members of "Explore Serbia". You can find membership information here.

Information and reservations:


Day one (Friday) Belgrade – Kamena Gora

  • Departure from Belgrade from the parking lot at the municipality New Belgrade at 4 PM
  • Ride towards Prijepolje and Kamena Gora in Southwestern Serbia. Late arrival.
  • Accommodation in rural households or a camp. Overnight.

Day two (Saturday): Kamena Gora – Kumanica – rafting on the river Lima

  • Breakfast. Transfer to the monastery Kumanica.
  • Preparation and instruction for the rafting tour. Short visit to the monastery Kumanica.
  • Rafting from monastery Kumanica to Brodarevo through Kumanica’s Gorge (25 km, lasting from 2 to 4 hours depending on water level). We will pass the most beautiful part of the Lim valley.
  • After the rafting tour, returning to Kamena Gora. Traditional lunch prepared by hosts. Free time. Walking and visiting the Old Pine, the symbol of the village, which is 500 years old.
  • Overnight.

Third day (Sunday): Kamena Gora – Uvac canyon – Belgrade

  • Breakfast. Leaving Kamena Gora.
  • Transfer to Uvac canyon.
  • A combination of hiking and boat tour in this special nature reserve known by its meanders and griffon vulture’s habitat. Boat drive on Uvac Lake, bird watching, visiting Ledena pećina (Icy cave). Hiking to the viewpoint Molitva with spectacular view on the Uvac meanders.
  • After the tour, lunch at the camp on Uvac Lake.
  • In the afternoon departure to Belgrade where we will arrive in the evening.

Kamena Gora (Stone Hill):

This beautiful village in South-West part of Serbia has wonderful sceneries for hiking, biking; there is a natural rock for climbing as well a place for paragliding.

Kamena Gora has a wealth of flora and fauna, forests and clear forest resources at every step, over a hundred registered, strong and rich water sources that never dry up. Part of the village of Kamena Gora is covered with dense coniferous forests and is spread by streams, meadows, hills, valleys, which makes this place very charming.

The most known wood species in Kamena Gora is its old black pine, 500 years old. It is 13 m tall, the crown diameter is 18 m, and the extent of the tree is almost 5 m. It is the symbol of the village, proof of longevity of inhabitants.

Uvac canyon

Uvac is Special Nature Reserve known by its meanders with a height of up to 100 m. The canyon is the habitat of 104 bird species, most notably the Griffon Vulture - vulture species, with a wingspan of 3 meters, which role in the food chain in the ecosystem is irreplaceable - it only feeds on dead animals, which prevents the spread of infection and it is important in "natural recycling." Ice cave is part of Uvac cave system, the longest cave system in the country (6185 m). It is rich in cave ornaments.

Kamena Gora, Serbia
selo Kamena Gora
rafting on the Lim River
Kamena Gora, camp
Meandres of Uvac