1 day
Deliblato Sands–Zagaj Hills

Fairytale Zagaj Hills a for the New Year on January 1, 2023. Step into the New Year 2023 with a walk in nature. 🎅🥂🎄👣 Traditional free New Year's tour. Circular footpath through ancient sand dunes, partly wooded, partly covered with steppe vegetation.

After the hike, lunch will follow in a traditional restaurant in Vršac, in a beautiful setting.

Zagaj Hills are an unusual and fairy-tale landscape on the northeastern edge of Deliblato Sandstone. They represent a unique relic of the acient landscape of the Pannonian Plain.

MEETING POINT The village of Grebenac
INCLUDED IN THE PRICE Hiking tour on the Zagaj Hills

A guide and the tour organization

NOT INCLUDED Transportation to Zagaj Hills

Annual membership fee of 1000 dinars

Lunch and other individual costs

Additional notes:

  • Equipment for Zagaj hills New Year's tour: standard for hiking tours, hiking shoes or sports shoes with a stronger sole, adequate clothing according to the weather conditions. Backpack, enough water and some food (snacks, sandwiches, fruit). Bring a good mood, and you can also bring New Year's props! 🥳🎅🏼🎆🥂
  • The tour belongs to the easy category. Anyone who likes to enjoy nature can participate in this hiking tour.
  • Information about a hiking trail:
    • Length: 15 km
    • Total ascend/descend: oko 300 m
    • Category: easy, hiking across meadows and grassy hills, forest and dirt roads
    • Duration: around 4.5 hours with breaks
  • Reservation: the tour Zagaj Hills New Year tour is free for members of Explore Serbia, registration is required. For others who want to join, membership is necessary, which is 1000 dinars for 12 months. You can find information about membership you can find here.
  • Transport: own, if you do not have transportation we can connect you with other participants.
  • Lunch after the tour: in a traditional restaurant in Vršac, in a beautiful setting. Anyone interested in the lunch, please register at the latest by Thursday, December 29 until 2 p.m, in order to reserve seats in the restaurant on time. The number of seats in the restaurant is limited.
The tour is organized by the travel agency Explore Balkans doo. According to Article 79 of the Law on Tourism, one-day tours are not provided a travel guarantee.

Belgrade - Deliblato Sands

  • Arrival in the village of Grebenac on the edge of Deliblato Sandstone by 10 a.m.
  • Short break and refreshments before the hiking tour.

Hiking tour to Zagaj Hills

  • Departure for a hike to the Zagaj Hills.
  • Going up to the ridge where you can see the steppe valleys between the hills; along a nice circular path that leads to the highest point where the obelisk is located. A break to enjoy the views of this fairytale landscape and surroundings, where we will be treated to views of Vršac, Djerdap and the Carpathians in neighboring Romania.
  • After the break, the path gently descends between the hills and returns to the start in a circular way
  • Information about a hiking trail: The length of the trail is about 15 km, without major steep climbs and large height differences. The path can be crossed in about 4.5 hours of hiking. We will take a break for up to 10 minutes of photography at each vantage point.
  • End of the hike by 3.00 pm.

Lunch in a traditional restaurant in Vršac

  • After the hike, we drive to Vršac. Driving for about 30 minutes. Anyone interested in lunch, please let us know no later than Thursday, December 29 by 2 p.m., in order to reserve seats. The number of places is limited. Meal selection is on-site, a la carte ordering. Lunch in a pleasant ambience and good atmosphere 🎄☃️🎅🏼😇.
Zagajićka brda Nova godina
Zagajička brda u jesen
Zagajička brda Deliblatska peščara
Zagajička brda u proleće izlet
Zagajička brda proleće
Zagajička brda u proleće
Zagajička brda jesen
Zagajička brda pešačenje
Zagajička brda hiking
Zagajička brda hiking
Zagaj Hills
Zagajička brda u proleće
Zagajička brda proleće hiking
Zagajička brda proleće
Zagajička brda proleće hiking
Zagajička brda proleće
Vršac Tower, Vršac