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Games are the oldest form of corporal development. From his birth to his oldest age, man feels the need for movement and games, which gives him inner satisfaction, joy and health. Recreation (lat. recreare – renew, make better) developed from games and its goal is fun, refreshment, active rest, contributes to the development of creativity and improves and sustains general health and working abilities.

Staying in nature and recreation help men relieve difficulties that modern life brings along and active rest is more beneficial for the body than the passive one.

Leisure time, tourist and recreational needs become significant components in everyday life of people searching for emotional stimulus, searching for ambiance, aesthetics and atmosphere.

One of the goals of Explore Serbia association and the purpose of this web site is to point out the significance of spending time in nature and recreation, types of adventurous tourism that can be developed in Serbia.

Adventure tourism is a specific type of tourism or special interest can be any tourist activity that includes two of the following three components:

• Physical Activity

• Cultural exchange or interaction

• Contact with nature

Serbia is a country with rich natural resources and favorable geographic position which is good basis for development of this type of tourism that does not include large investments.

Research on the adventurous tourism in Serbia confirmed that this type of tourism is not developed here, not popular enough and therefore unavailable. There is a large interest in adventurous activities and it is necessary to develop and promote them to domestic and international visitors.

Our tours are imagined as a combination of different activities during their duration (walking, biking, mountain, cave, canyon and gorge exploration, free climbing, paragliding). They are not too extreme, but require solid preparation depending on the type of activity, and are divided into categories (easy, moderate, extreme).

They include visits to the cultural and historical monuments, familiarization with the tradition and accommodation mostly in village households.

The purpose of executing these tours is familiarization with Serbia and Balkans and pointing out the significance of cooperation between regional and local communities.

We invite you to EXPLORE Serbia with us, meet their less known parts, participate in different activities and enjoy the recreation in the nature.

We wish that you join us and help accomplishing our goals.

Pick a tour and activity you like. You can try rafting, mountain climbing, biking with us… You can explore caves and canyons; try balloon rides, paragliding… Make a suggestion and we are there for you, to create a tour you wish.

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Izjave korisnika naših usluga

Sa ture 1. maj - Sopotnica, rafting Limom, kanjon Uvca:

"Živeti u Srbiji, a ne istražiti Srbiju i njene prirodne lepote je neprihvatljivo. Istraži Srbiju da bi i sebe bolje poznavao!
Recept za dobar provod: Avanturizam, dobro društvo, prirodne lepote Srbije i odlična organizacija!!!"

Dejan Ubović


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