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The association Explore Serbia (“Istraži Srbiju”) was founded on 29th June 2009 and it is a nongovernmental, nonprofit and nonparty association, founded on these goals:

  • Develop and promote specific forms of tourism of special interests – mostly adventurous tourism in Serbia,
  • Development of receptive tourism in Serbia and stipulating the significance of sustainable development of tourism,
  • Improvement of youth politics, more quality in young people leisure time, sports and recreation promotion,
  • Increasing of citizens’ ecological awareness, fight against the climate change and pointing to the significance and preservation of natural and cultural resources.

Explore Serbia’s team:

Tatjana Anic




Managing Board:

Tatjana Anic – Chairman and founder, phone +381 69 655 777

Igor Anic – Deputy of chairman

Jelena Kojic – General secretary

Tatjana Ljubisavljevic – Managing Board member

Stefan Mijatovic – Managing Board member


Aleksandra Obradovic – Coordinator,  phone +381 69 5015 505, e-mail: aleksandra@explore-serbia.rs 

Aleksandar Savić – Tour planer and guide

The basic vision of Explore Serbia is:

  • Developed tourist offer of different types of adventurous tourism in Serbia,
  • Recognition of Serbia on the international tourist market in this area,
  • Revitalization of countryside areas and the renewal of village households that would accommodate tourists,
  • Lowering of depopulation in countryside areas, which is the consequence of low child birth, departure from village households due to migration of young population.

The main mission of the organization is:

  • Development of adventurous tourism and non discovered parts of Serbia,
  • The promotion of rural (country) tourism.

Explore Serbia will achieve its goals by:

  • Forming a unique data base on the adventurous tourism in Serbia,
  • Creating tourist arrangements that include different tourist activities, organizing and executing these arrangements for the members of the Association, according to the Law,
  • Coordination between local tourist organizations, Sector for tourism of the Economy and Regional Development Department, as well as the Tourist Organization of Serbia,
  • Internet marketing – forming a web portal,
  • Cooperation with Universities, relevant organizations, associations and organization domestic and abroad, founded for the same purposes,
  • Organizing seminars and workshops, expert and research projects connected to the area of operation,
  • Promotion of adventurous tourism and extreme sports in schools,
  • Organization of volunteer actions for environment protection,
  • Issuing publications connected to the area of operation.
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Izjave korisnika naših usluga

Sa ture 1. maj - Sopotnica, rafting Limom, kanjon Uvca:

"Živeti u Srbiji, a ne istražiti Srbiju i njene prirodne lepote je neprihvatljivo. Istraži Srbiju da bi i sebe bolje poznavao!
Recept za dobar provod: Avanturizam, dobro društvo, prirodne lepote Srbije i odlična organizacija!!!"

Dejan Ubović


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Takođe, možete nas pozvati telefonom na broj +381 69 655 777.