Adventure tourism



Adventure tourism is a specific type of tourism or special interest can be any tourist activity that includes two of the following three components:

  • Physical Activity
  • Cultural exchange or interaction
  • Contact with nature

Leisure time, tourist and recreational needs become significant components in everyday life of people searching for emotional stimulus, searching for ambiance, aesthetics and atmosphere.

The purpose of this web site is to point out the significance of spending time in nature and recreation, types of adventurous tourism that can be developed in Serbia.  Assessments could provide specific guidance on how to improve the benchmark scores. They could support government and businesses in the start-up phase of market development by identifying Hotspots for adventure tourism and Itineraries emphasizing benefits for rural people and the environment.

As it grows, the adventure tourism has the potential to positively transform people, environments and economies.

As more destinations and businesses seek to enter the adventure tourism industry, there is the need for a set of principles which can serve as guidelines for responsible development.

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Izjave korisnika naših usluga

Sa ture 1. maj - Sopotnica, rafting Limom, kanjon Uvca:

"Organizacija je bila uglavnom dobra, video sam mesta za koje nisam znao ni da postoje. Tako da je cela akcija barem za mene bila u pravom smislu značenja ISTRAŽI SRBIJU. Sledeći put malo više akcenta staviti na nas gastro turiste... hrana je mogla biti bolja... Ostalo ... daleko iznad očekivanja."

Veljko Petrović


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