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Adventurous Tourism in Serbia Research

By the end of 2008 and beginning of 2009 for the purpose of developing a master thesis “Specific Types of Special interest Tourism with Example of Southeast and Southwest Serbia” on the Faculty for Tourist and Hospitality Management of the Singidunum University, a survey was conducted on the adventurous tourism in Serbia.

The hypothesis, that the survey confirmed was:

  1. There is a lot of interest for adventurous tourism in Serbia
  2. Most of the questioned people found this form of tourism unavailable so far, not so much for the lack of money, but mostly for the lack of information concerning this type of tourism

The goal of the survey was to question:

  • Habits of people concerning recreation
  • To which types of adventurous tourism people are attracted to
  • Knowledge of the content of adventurous tourism in Serbia
  • Availability of information

The survey was done on a sample of 500 persons and most of them were employed people age between 25 and 45, as well as high school and university students, living in urban areas and are most likely to join these trips.

Research results

Among the people questioned, 54% were female, and 46% were male. As far as habits are concerned the largest percentage rarely engages in sports – 32.4% (in this percentage a larger portion goes to women, 105, and 57 men), and the most preferred form of recreation is walking, for 35.2%  (also, much more, nearly double of females prefer this type of recreation and the proportion was 116 females to 60 males). After walking, the most frequent form of recreation was something else, for 24% of the questioned (70 men – football, basketball, martial arts, swimming, and mountain climbing: 50 women – dance, Pilates, yoga, rollers, folklore, and mountain climbing).

Holidays and free days are mostly used by traveling abroad more than 5 days per year (52.4%) and 28.8% of the questioned persons travel in Serbia more than 5 days per year, and only 7% of the questioned do not travel.

The offer of the adventurous tourism in Serbia is not very familiar, in percentages, 49.4% are a little familiar with it.

Small percentage of questioned people tried adventurous activities:

  • Rafting 15.6%
  • Free climbing 10.4%
  • Mountain biking 7.8%
  • Most of them tried “soft” adventurous activities, like whole day hiking in the nature (63.4%) and recreational mountain climbing 34.4% and 20.2% tried none of the aforementioned.

When asked what they would like to try from the offer, the activities were set in this order:

  • Balloon ride 57.2%
  • Rafting 46.6%
  • Paragliding 40.6%
  • Cave exploration 25.8%
  • Bungee jumping 22.4%
  • Several day camping in nature 20.4%
  • Free climbing 20%
  • Recreational mountain climbing 18.4%
  • Mountain biking 16.8%

There is a difference in interests depending on the gender and age group, but even interest exists for paragliding and rafting, while men are more interested in mountain biking, and women for cave exploration. The smallest interest is for whole day nature hiking and bird watching, and only 4.8% would not try any of these activities.

In questions with multiple answers, why they were unable to try some of these activities, the largest number answered it was due to the lack of time (specially for employed persons over 25), that is, 47.4%, lack of money 36% (mostly under 25, students), lack of information 27.4%, and 17.2% lack of company, and something else was chosen by 6.4% (bad personal organization, lack of family support, family obligations, bad grades, bad offer in Serbia).

The largest number of surveyed (37.8%) feels that South Western and Western Serbia represent the most appropriate parts of the country for the development of adventurous tourism, and 27.8% feel it is Eastern and South Serbia, while 24.4% do not know which part of the country would be best.

The type of accommodation most preferred on a several day adventurous tour through Serbia is hotel/motel by 42.4% (mostly women, 125 compared to 87 men), 25.8% chose village household, and 17% camps and tents in the nature (this percentage is prevailed by men, 54 compared to 31 women).

When asked how much money would they spend for a five day adventurous tour through Serbia, the largest percentage, 37% said 101-150 €, 24.2% said 70-100 €, over 150 € chose 17.6%, less than 70 € 11.6%, and only 3.4% are not ready to spend money.

The most money would be spent to an adventurous tour that would combine:

  • Mountain climbing, rafting and biking 30%
  • Walking, cultural and historical monument visiting 22%
  • Jeep riding, paragliding 20.8%
  • Free climbing, cave and canyon exploration 11%
  • Something else 6.4% (different combinations, parachute jump, balloon ride)
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