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Web site is dedicated to people of all ages that love nature, sports and recreation.

The purpose of the site is to familiarize people with the nature activities and the areas of Serbia. We are present on the Facebook social network on the Internet, where you can find and join our group.

About the site:

Web site is of the informational and educational character and its goal is to become a web portal with unique data base on the adventurous tourism in our country.

We plan cooperation with international organizations with similar goals, with neighboring countries in order to form a regional Balkan offer, with international internet agents for adventurous tourism, which will present our offer to international visitors. We wish to organize different projects concerning youth politics and ecological actions.

The visitors of the site are people who participate in recreation of all ages, and marketing target group is consisted of:

–          Extreme sports clubs

–          Outdoor equipment sellers

–          Mountain climbing societies

–          Similar youth organizations and associations

–          Board and restaurant objects (private households, camps, hostels, etc)

–          Local and regional tourist organizations

–          Institutions of higher learning in the area of tourism, geography, ecology, sports

–          Socially responsible companies ready to help achieving our goals

Advertising possibilities

  1. 1. Banner Lease

The banner can be leased upon agreement on the monthly level

  1. 2. Other means of advertising

–          We could organize tours with different activities and ecological actions, and your company could sponsor it

–          We could organize a reward campaign (competition) that would be sponsored by your company

–          Branding of your company or product (background with your design and banners)

–          Sponsorship (become a general sponsor of the site and own an exclusive add)

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Izjave korisnika naših usluga

Sa ture 1. maj - Sopotnica, rafting Limom, kanjon Uvca:

“Videli smo tako lepe predele Srbije. Celom doživljaju je doprinelo veselo društvo i dobra organizacija. Kada očekujete samo izlet, a dobijete nešto neponovljivo - nemoguće je, a ne ŽELETI OPET!”

Jelica Janković


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