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For the content on adventurous tourism, types of adventurous tourism, youth politics, as the source of information on the site, master thesis of Tatjana Anic was used, “Specific Types of Special interest Tourism with Example of Southeast and Southwest Serbia”. The paper is available to the public and is located in the library of Faculty for Tourist and Hospitality Management on the Singidunum University in Belgrade, where the source can be viewed.

Site editors bear no responsibility for possible errors during the input and cannot guarantee the accuracy and completeness of the data, so the users of the site download content upon own risk.

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Explore Serbia can in any time, without notice, change or supplement terms of usage of the site by updating these terms.

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E mail addresses of the mailing list members are in the data base on our site. Mailing list is formed for sending information on Explore Serbia association tours and other useful information. The members are free to join the list and can check out from it at any time. E mail addresses are protected, will not be used in other purposes, given to third parties nor abused in any way.

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"Jedan od najlepših izleta koji sam doživeo. Sve je bilo odlično organizovano od strane ljudi iz udruženja Explore Serbia, nemam nikakvih zamerki."

Stevan Jovićević


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