Canyon Tribuće

–  Extreme canyoning – exciting tour for brave!

One day tour – spring, summer 2017

Leaving Belgrade at 7 AM lot towards Valjevo by bus. It takes us about 2h to get to the destination.

Preparation, taking necessary equipment, the guide’s instruction before canyoning. Starting with canyoning at 11 AM.


In the canyon, we will walk and jump. Neoprene clothes provide safety from cold water and from direct contact with rocks.

After canyoning resting. Returning to Belgrade in evening hours.

DESCRIPTION OF THE CANYON: It is very beautiful. The entrance reminds on a pothole, the first waterfall consists of two cascades. The length is 1 km; it has five verticals from 5 to 20 m. For beginners, the best period to try canyoning is summer after long dry days when the water level is low.

ACCESS: Canyon Tribuće is on Debelo brdo in the village Gornje Košlje. It is about 40 km far away from Valjevo. From the road Valjevo-Bajina Bašta via macadam road to the village Gornje Košlje (15 km by car or mini-bus and then by foot about 2 km to get to the canyon). The canyon is well passable whole year except during raining days.

NECESSARY EQUIPMENT: It is necessary to wear shoes with a hard sole. You should bring reserved clothes. Below neoprene clothes, it is the best to wear synthetic clothes (shorts, T-shirt, swim-suit).

PRICE:  80 €

Included in price:

  • Necessary equipment (neoprene clothes, rope, helmet)
  • Canyon instructor and guide
  • Traditional Serbian lunch in a rural household

Not included in price:

  • Transportation (for minimum 7 passengers we organize transportation from Belgrade for 17 €)
  • Other individual costs


  1. by phone on +381 69 655 777   
  2. by e-mail to

About canyoning

The beginning of this sport reaches far past times when there was a need for going far places in search for food. Ancient men never dreamed that their everyday fight for survival will be a way of amusement today. Newer history of canyoning is associated with some event from a late 19th century when a mountain climber fell in a narrow canyon filled with water and stayed alive.

Canyoning is, in fact, descending through riverbed downstream with or without equipment. Depending on the difficulty of a canyon, it is being used various equipment.

Descending through waterfalls with or without a rope, climbing in rocks, squeezing through the narrow cracks, diving, jumping into water whirlpools are these sports activities. That’s why there is no special equipment for it, but parts of equipment from other sports are used. Basic parts of equipment are a helmet, descending belt and static rope and neoprene suit if water is cold. Depending on difficulty and expose, security wages are used during descending.
There are conditions in different places in Serbia for canyoning: Lazarev canyon, White Rzav, Brnjica creek, Zlot canyon that are relatively easy and Tribuća (near Valjevo) i Piljski waterfalls (in Stara Mountain) are difficult canyons.

Everybody can try canyoning (except claustrophobic people). Canyoning is allowed for children too (from 14-18 years) with signed parents’ permission.


Canyoning is potentially danger activity. With good guides, everybody can go in for this sport and can be great fun. Many man and women of different kinds and ages went through our canyons and nobody stayed indifferent. Try and convince yourself!
For people who want to go in for this sport INDEPENDENTLY, we recommend prior training by authorized personal and instructors.

With this program is valid “Explore Serbia” association tour execution rules and general terms of travel February 2017
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