– Weekend tour 2nd – 4th June 2017 –

On this weekend tou, you will climb on via ferrata in Rugova Gorge and Berim which have been made according to the newest European standards. Additional adventure is zip line in Rugova Gorge with its length from 640 m! 🙂

We will also visit Serbian medieval monasteries – Pecka Patrijarsija and Visoki Decani which are under the UNESCO’s protection.

Via ferrata – they were built during I World War for the purposes of Austrian and Italian armies in Dolomites. These are trails on rocks with iron tools, usually a ladder, which almost anyone can use to get to the top of the wall or to the desired destination. Now they represent real tourist attraction because they were built in beautiful parts of mountains’ areas. “Steel path” is actually the first step towards alpinism, because the feeling is similar, your feet are on the ladder but you are also secured by a steel cable that usually accompanies via ferrata.

Climbing is completely safe at the ladder, which are secured with additional equipment – rope, helmet and belt and accompanied by instructors.


DAY ONE (Friday 2nd June): Belgrade – Zubin Potok

Departure from Belgrade at 4 PM from the parking of municipality New Belgrade. Arrival in Zubin Potok around 10 PM. Accommodation. Overnight.

DAY TWO (Saturday 3rd June): Zubin Potok – Peja – Zubin Potok

Breakfast. Transfer at 7 AM to Peja (around 2h) where we will before our adventure, visit pearls of Serbian medieval culture, monasteries Visoki Decani and Pecka Patrijarsija. At 11 AM starts our adventure on Rugova Gorge. We will climb on two via ferratas: Ari, which is 100 m vertical and Mat which is horizontal.

Category: moderate

Length: 4 km

Time needed for climbing: 3h

Previous experience: not necessary

After climbing other adventure is waiting for us – zip line above Rugova Gorge with lenght of 640 m!

In the evening hours returning to Zubin Potok. Overnight.

DAY THREE (Sunday 4th June): Zubin Potok – Previja – Zubin Potok – Belgrade

Breakfast. Transfer to Previa (around 1h) where starts via ferrata on the mountain Mokra Gora.

Total length: 4km /3-3.5h

Length of vertical parts: 500 m

Elevation difference: 300 m

In the afternoon departure to Belgrade, where we are arriving in the evening hours.

PRICE: 125 €

Category: moderate

Included in price:

  • Transportation by minibus from Belgrade
  • Two overnights with breakfast in the hotel in Zubin Potok (double rooms with bathroom) 
  • Necessary equipment (rope, helmets, belt) for via ferrata and instructors
  • Zip line
  • Taxes for via ferrata

Not included in price:

  • Meals that were not mentioned and other individual costs

Additional notes:

  • Transportation: in the case of smaller number of participants, additional payment for transportation is 10 € per person (for minimum 10 participants) and 15 € (for minimum 7 participants)
  • Climbing on via ferrata is completely safe and it is not necessary to have previous experience
  • Clothes: layered, hiking shoes or sports shoes with stronger sole
  • It is not recommended for people who have acrophobia
  • Food: from a backpack; it is possible to organize a lunch and a dinner in Zubin Potok and Peja

INFORMATION AND RESERVATION: by phone on +381 69 655 777; by e-mail to info@explore-serbia.rs


Via Ferrata Ari is the most advanced adventure product in Peja and Kosovo. The 100 meters of vertical climb, professional equipment, trained guide, and advanced construction supported by Italian professionals who have worked in The Dolomites, make this trip safe and one of the most memorable in Rugova mountains and in Kosovo.

The whole climbing and hiking take two to three hours depending on the group and offers a spectacular view over the city of Peja and the Rugova Gorge.

MAT Via Ferrata is the second ferrata constructed in the Rugova valley, and in a difference from the previous one, it goes horizontally parallel to the river. Psychologically it is easier than the first one as the height is smaller; however, it is the same difficulty as the first one. There is no consensus as which Ferrata is better; they both have their own charm.

No climbing experience needed, you will be climbing stairs. The trail takes you through ancient caves, fortified there to block the city for invaders, which now serve also for wildlife sheltering.

Via ferrata Berim is located on the rocks of Berim on Mokra Gora Mountain. It is 25km far from Zubin Potok, and the road to Via Ferrata crosses the Gazivode Dam further to Kovace Village, followed by a gravel road to Previja and further to Berim.
Via Ferrata starts with a mountain path from the logistic camp, passing below the Berim Rocks, and branching off a narrow path to the first vertical section. The first vertical section is around 80 m long and it leads to a cave with a bench placed on the edge, with a stunning view of the landscape. Via Ferrata further follows a vertical climb through the cave and continues to the first peak of Berim at around 160 m of height difference from the starting point. There is an exit from the first peak to the logistic camp. For braver climbers who wish to continue, Via Ferrata goes further to the second peak of Berim with the next vertical section. This part of Via Ferrata includes a horizontal section which provides a completely different experience from the climb on previous vertical sections. The second peak is at 1520 m above sea level or around 300 m of height difference from the starting point. There is a rest area there good for taking photos of beautiful landscapes of Ibarski Kolasin, Rogozna and Kopaonik Mountains, and a small part of Gazivode Lake is also visible. The climb on Via Ferrata ends here, and the path continues further down the steep slope to the logistic camp. 

With this program are valid “Explore Serbia” association tour execution rules and general terms of travel, April 2017.
The organizer reserves the right to the change program – schedule due to objective circumstances.
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