Šargan 8 - Tara rafting tour


Tara rafting, National Park “Sutjeska”, Višegrad, Drvengrad

–  rafting, hiking, sightseeing  –

30th April – 3rd May 2015


DAY ONE (Thursday 30th April):

Leaving Belgrade at 16 PM from the municipality New Belgrade towards the camp on Tara River, where we arrive in the evening. Fun and party with the inevitable campfire and music. At menu for dinner there are unavoidable traditional homemade cooking goulash and stuffed meat balls, as well as specialties from the grill, trout, chicken… Stay overnight.

DAY TWO (Friday 1st May):

Breakfast light snacks with smoked meat, a variety of omelets with cheese, cream, ham, bacon, also all kinds of pie under the iron pan with sour milk.

9.00 h – preparation for excited adventure: adrenaline rafting on Tara RiverJ! Equipping and transfer with SUV to Brštanovica where the rafting on Tara begins for the length of 20 km. Rafting lasts around 3,5 hours with breaks which we will have  in the most beautiful parts of the canyon: Kulina, Manita vrela and Šipčanicki potok. At our restaurant awaits you a warm lunch that will in the best possible way complement your daily enjoyment. We serve specialties under the iron pan (lamb or veal), various kinds of steaks and chops of veal, chicken or pork, with ubiquitous rafter soup, with addition to salads. We also offer few vegetarian and vegan dishes. In the afternoon, you can use the time to relax on the beaches of the Drina, or having fun at some of the sports ground in the camp. Evening hours are of course subordinate to dinner, party and fun with campfire and music. Stay overnight.

DAY THREE (Saturday 2nd May):

8.00 h – This day we will enjoy the new adventure – photo safari in National Park “Sutjeska”.

The first stop where we stay is Tjentište, the administrative headquarters of the National Park Sutjeska. Here we visit the famous monument and memorial dedicated to the Battle of the Sutjeska which occurred in this area during WWII. After hour of history we go on a tour of one of the largest outdoor pools in Europe, with an area of 16000 m2.

In front of us is exciting part of the day: Safari tour through the National Park Sutjeska, Perucica and Vučevo!
From Tjentište we climb high into the prairies of Vučevo, a mountain that lies between the Piva, Drina and Sutjeska. The first goal is sightseeing place Djevojačka stijena (1500 m). Here we have stunning views of the entire canyon Drina, Piva and Tara canyon, mountain peaks of Zelengore and even Durmitor! Also, entire area of our rafting center comes in plain view, because we are right above it. From the Djevojačka stijena we can see the remnants of Soko city, the former capital of Old Herzegovina, which is located at the confluence of the Tara and Piva, where Drina is born.

After this phenomenal point of view and relaxing walks through Vučevo we arrive at Prijevor, one of the most beautiful places in NP Sutjeska. Prijevor (1660 m) is a lookout below the Maglića mountain (2386 m – highest peak in BiH) where there is a watchtower from which there is an amazing view to Maglić, Trnovacki Durmitor, Volujak, peaks of Zelengora, Jahorina and complete Perućica jungle. We will also visit an old summer pastures located near and to witness to this ancient nomadic way of life. In Prijevor were shot and the most popular partisan movie “The Battle of Sutjeska” with Richard Burton in the lead role.

After hiking it is time for a hedonistic part of the day! Just when you return from the tour for you at Prijevor, on 1660 m, will be prepared delicious grilled specialties with homemade cream and cheese – and at this altitude we’ll guarantee that it will be you more than pleasant! All that you can pour with a cup of our homemade juice or our homemade brandy – rakija! Of course there is a spring of clean and clear mountain water for refreshment.
After this relaxing pleasure we continue our adventure, the next stop is Dragoš sedlo – viewpoint on the circumference of the rainforest Perućica. It should be noted that the Perućica is only preserved European rainforest with a single and unique biodiversity. With Dragos sedlo will enjoy looking at Skakavac, unreal 71m high waterfall, located in the heart of rainforest – the scene of breathtaking!
From Dragoš sedlo path leads us to Beškita – yet another fascinating vantage points around the perimeter of the rainforest Perućica. Beškita a distinctive viewpoint, on three levels and freom there we looking at a waterfall Skakavac at full size, full range of Maglić,Volujak, Prijevor, complete jungle Perućica, as well as the entire valley of Sutjeska – the famous Valley of the Hero with the concierge and a view of the valley Tjentište.

After walking on Beškita we return back to our rafting center in the afternoon, where dinner will be waiting and another hanging out by the campfire and music. Stay overnight.

DAY FOUR (Sunday 3rd May) Breakfast. Leaving from the camp at 11 AM towards Belgrade. We will visti Višegrad and ethno village Drvengrad on mountain Mokra Gora. Returning to Belgrade in the evening.

PRICE 111 €

Price includes:

  • 3 night overstays
  • Rafting tour 20 km, rubber boat with additional equipment (safety belts, helmets, neoprene suites, water equipment shoes) and skipper
  • Eight meals at restaurant
  • Safari & Hiking tour through national park Sutjeska
  • All taxes, fees and organization expenses

Price doesn’t include:

  • Transportation (we organize transportation Belgrade – the camp – Belgrade by minibus for 30 € per person for minimum 15 passengers; Departure from the municipality New Belgrade on Wednesday 30th April at 16 PM. Returning from the camp is on Sunday 3rd May at 10 AM).
  • For passengers who want to go by their own vehicles please find instruction here
  • Ticket for visiting Drvengrad – optional (250 Din.)
  • Other individual costs


1.      By phone    +381 69 655 777, by e-mail:  info@explore-serbia.rs

Additional notes:

  • The rafting includes clothes that dries up quickly and does not soak too much water. Tara rafting does not require previous rowing experience. During the slope every boat includes a licensed rafting skipper that will control the boat and take care of safety; rafting is performed with rubber unsinkable boats specially designed for wild waters. The boat capacity is 10-12 persons. Before the start the skipper holds a short course on rafting and it is important that the participants should follow the instructions they receive from the skipper.
  • It is not allowed to bring food and drink in the camp as well as to drink alcohol on rafting boats.
With this program are valid “Explore Serbia” association tour execution rules and general terms of travel, February 2015
The organizer reserves the right to the change program – schedule due to objective circumstances.

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