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One of the goals of the association Explore Serbia is the improvement of youth politics.

We plan to organize projects that are connected to improving quality in leisure time of the young, promoting sports and recreation, ecological actions and to invite young people to join.

The goals of the project are:

–          Environment protection promotion, pointing out to the significance of the climate change bout, return to the nature and having fun in the nature

–          Promotion of extreme sports and recreation

–          Familiarization with parts of Serbia that are suitable for participation in extreme sports

–          Students volunteer work – peer education and workshop organization on the topic of environment protection and having fun in nature

Based on the research of the Psychology Institute of the Philosophical Faculty in Belgrade within the project “Everyday life of the young in Serbia”, that was executed in 2007 for the purpose of National Strategy for Youth based on the initiative of Youth and Sports Department of Republic of Serbia, these results were acquired :

–          A large portion of young people do not participate in sports (39%), 37% participate on a recreational level, and 24% actively engage in sports. An average high school student spends less than 5 hours per week participating in sports, weather as a recreation or actively. The most common reason for not participating in sports the questioned students state the lack of time (45%) and lack of interest (23%), and only 6% state lack of funds. On the other hand, the interest in sports in relatively strong.

–          A very small number of young people have a hobby (around 15%). Out of curriculum or out of school activities are not represented in a large volume. Within schools the most of the youth use sports activities (14%) and additional courses (11%). Foreign language courses are the most common out of curriculum activity (18%). Young people rarely participate in some organizations (around 8%). More than half of the students never participate in volunteer actions. Those who do state that these actions are organized by schools.

–          Half of the questioned students feel that they would spend their leisure time with more quality if they had more available locations to go out, third of them feel that the solution would be better offer of sports activities on their location, while one quarter of them wish for more cultural content.

–          Three problems are the largest concern of young people, in a sense that more than one third of them see them as large or larger problems: few interesting places to go out (46%), lack of free time (41%) and boredom (35%)

The research was performed on a sample of 4845 students, of I-IV grade in 26 high schools in 9 cities in Serbia.

Besides these results, a large problem presents:

–          Alcohol abuse, smoking, narcotics consummation, as well as violence and aggression

Also, they are poorly familiarized with their own country.

Explore Serbia plans projects that would include young people, and the vision is:

–          Increased ecological awareness of the young

–          Decreased aggression and violence with the young

The decision of the Managing Board of Explore Serbia association is that the membership is free for persons under the age of 24! J

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Tour rafting on the river Lim, Kamena Gora, Sopotnica 2/4. May 2014.

"Me and my colleagues went to Kamena Gora and rafting with Explore Serbia, and it was amazing. From the initial communication to the end of trip, Tanja and Explore Serbia were really helpful with everything. The whole trip was really well organized, and with them we felt like traveling with a bunch of friends across Serbia, living with locals, eating traditional Serbian food and much more without worrying about anything. I definitely look forward to exploring more of Serbia with you guys, and wish you best for everything. :D"

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