Povlen u jesen, hiking »
Povlen u jesen, hiking »

Povlen is the highest of the Valjevo mountains, which consists of several peaks where the highest is Mali Povlen with 1347 m, then Srednji Povlen 1301 m and Veliki Povlen 1271 m. Povlen has a trapezoidal shape, and the mountain was slightly sloping and wooded. The ridge of Mali Povlen itself is relatively narrow, but it consists of mild hummocks between which several shallow sinkholes have been cut.

The rivers Trešnjica, Sušica, Gradac, Rogačica, Skrapež spring on Povlen. The river Jablanica passes through its northern edge, and the Drina runs along the edge of the southernmost hills.

On this hiking tour, we will go to all three peaks of Povlen. The mountain is especially beautiful in autumn and from its tops there are magnificent views of the surroundings.

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