What to explore, where to run? In Serbia, look for fun!

This is our slogan that we want to encourage you to get to know Serbia better. Our country is rich with still unexplored natural resources.

Do you want authentic experiences, challenges, adventures, getting know Serbian tradition, or just relaxing in beautiful rural areas? You're in the right place.



Tatjana Anić Explore SerbiaTatjana Anic


When she doesn't plan or doesn't organize tours, you can find her hiking or biking. She is a great nature lover, especially enjoys summer mountaineering tours above 2.000 m. Her favorite mountains in the Balkans are Prokletije (Accursed Mountains).

She has graduated from the Faculty of Geography and has a master's degree in the field of tourist destination management, with working experience in travel agencies.

She has a license as a sports mountaineering guide from the Mountaineering Association of Serbia, MB 813.

Among the first, she has started to research possibilities of adventure tourism development in Serbia, when the idea of founding Explore Serbia was created.

Aleksandar Savic

Adventure guide

His favorite place is the Tara Mountain and the Drina River, in Western Serbia, where he grew up. He was player of the National kayaking team of Serbia. Now he is tour planning advisor and a guide for kayaking, hiking and canyoning tours. From the wild waters of the Balkans, he passed with kayak through Tara, Piva, Neretva, Visocica, Lim, and Ibar. By education, he is a Security Manager who graduated from The Faculty of Security. Skills of adventure guide he has been improving in Lapland.

He is certified by ATTA - the Adventure Travel Trade Association and Rescue 3 international as a rescuer on wild waters.

Biljana NovakovićBiljana Novaković

Tour planning consultant and photographer

In addition to photography, she participates in the planning of hiking tours. Her favorite destinations in Serbia are Fruška gora and Rtanj. She likes to be on the move as much as possible and uses every free moment to explore new landscapes. Creative, who is in the team in charge of designing various gifts for our permanent members.

She has a license as a sports mountaineering guide of the Mountaineering Association of Serbia, MB 795.

She is involved in photography as a hobby. During various adventures and travels, she photographs landscapes, flora and fauna, outdoor activities. With the camera, she likes to record changes in nature that can change in an instant in one place. She is especially inspired by intense and rapid changes in the high mountains. For the photos she creates, the most important thing is that they have a story. You can see more about her work at Biljana Photography. where she also writes about her experiences from hiking and mountaineering trips.