In accordance with articles 72 and 73 of the Law on Tourism (Sluzbeni List RS, 17/2019), director of Explore Balkans doo Tour Operator from Belgrade-Zemun, Dr Nedeljka Ercegovca 54/5, with registration number 21569992, tax number: 111918615, on 28th December 2020, determines the following:



Explore Balkans doo (hereinafter: The Agency) provides the service of organizing excursions and sightseeing.

The Agency conducts its business and sales via the Internet, i.e. performs online travel sales via the website In accordance with that, the Contract on the provision of travel confirmation services (hereinafter the Contract) is concluded electronically between Agencies and service users (hereinafter referred to as the Traveller).

The Contract is concluded at the moment when the Agency issues a Travel Certificate to the Traveller electronically, and after the Traveller pays the appropriate amount for the Travel, which is defined in the Travel Program (hereinafter: The Program) and which contains a pre-contractual notice.

Upon receipt of the Travel Certificate, the Traveller confirms that he has been handed this Rulebook on excursions / tours (hereinafter: The Rulebook), and prepared in advance and published the Program, that he and all passengers from the contract fully accept it.

The provisions of this Rulebook form an integral part of the Contract between the Traveller and the Agency and are binding on both parties, except for the provisions defined by a special written agreement or Program.

Prior to concluding the Contract, the Agency may at any time change the description of its services in the Program and inform the Traveller within a reasonable time, which the Traveller and the Agency agree that prior to concluding the Contract, the Traveller was notified of any changes in the Program, before the conclusion of the Contract.

In case there is a difference between the Traveller's application and the amended proposal of the Agency, the new Program is considered a new proposal and binds the Agency for the next 48 hours. If the Traveller does not inform the Agency within the specified period, whether he accepts the newly made Program - offer, the Contract is considered terminated by agreement.


The Traveller submits the application electronically via the reservation system on the website or via e-mail. The Traveller can also apply for the trip in travel agencies that have a contract concluded with the Agency on the indirect sale of travel (hereinafter: The Intermediary). The intermediary who offers for sale and sells a tourist trip is obliged to indicate in the Travel Program and the Travel Certificate the property in which he is performing. The Traveller's registration becomes valid when it is confirmed by concluding the Contract, in the manner in which the Registration was made, and by paying 100% of the price of the trip, unless otherwise agreed. If the Traveller does not make the payment in full within the deadline, it is considered that he has cancelled the trip in accordance with item 8 of the Rulebook. Each advance payment is recorded as a payment for all passengers, and not just for one specific passenger from the Contract.

By concluding the Contract, the Program becomes an integral part of it and cannot be changed, unless the contracting parties explicitly agree otherwise, or, if the changes are due to force majeure. In the event of cancellation or amendment of the Contract the cancellation provisions and amendments shall apply to all passengers specified in the Contract.

For timely payment, the date of payment, to the account of the Agency or the Intermediary, is relevant. In case of late payment in full, advance payment or payment of the remaining part of the payment of the arrangement, the Agency may withdraw from the Contract and request compensation in accordance with item 8 of this Rulebook.


  • To enter in the Contract, in addition to the services from the Program, special requirements of the Traveller, with which only the Agency has agreed,
  • • To pay a proportionate real difference between the agreed price and the price of the trip, reduced in proportion to the non-performance or incomplete performance of the Contract (hereinafter: Price reduction), due to timely and reasonable written complaint - complaint of the Traveller, in accordance with law and this Rulebook. Execution of the Contract incurred: through the fault of the Traveller, or attributed to a third party who was not contracted direct service provider in the implementation of the Program, by force majeure or unforeseen events beyond the Agency's control and whose consequences are inevitable despite application, due attention or other events that the Agency could not foresee and overcome,
  • To submit the name, address and telephone number of the local representative, ie the local partner agency, and exceptionally and if necessary, the address and telephone number of the Agency for Emergency Assistance to the Traveller,
  • The Agency is not responsible for services provided to the Traveller by other persons outside the Program,
  • All oral and any other types of information, other than those contained in the Program, Contract or Special Agreement and this Rulebook, are not binding on the Agency and cannot be the basis for raising complaints or complaints of passengers.


  • To get acquainted in detail, as well as all persons from the Contract, with the Program, General Conditions and Travel Guarantee, in case it is a program of a travel agency that is a travel organizer, with which the Agency has signed a contract on subagent sale of arrangements. The Traveller is obliged to point out special requirements that are not covered by the published Program,
  • To provide optional travel insurance policies, because they are not provided and the Agency is not responsible for them,
  • To pay the agreed price under the conditions, deadlines and in the manner provided by the Contract,
  • To timely submit to the Agency accurate and complete data and documents necessary for organizing the trip and guarantee that he, his documents, luggage, etc., meet the requirements set by the regulations of our, transit and destination countries (border, customs, sanitary, monetary and other regulations),
  • To compensate the damage caused to direct service providers or third parties in violation of legal and other regulations and this Rulebook,
  • To timely appoint another person to travel instead of him, to reimburse the Agency for the actual costs caused by the replacement and to be jointly and severally liable for the unpaid part of the agreed price,
  • To notify the justified complaint without delay on the spot, electronically or in writing to the Agency or to the persons listed in the travel documentation,
  • Before concluding the Contract, to be informed through the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Serbia ( and in other ways, about the so-called countries. high or moderate risk,
  • To be informed by authorized representatives of the Agency about the exact time of departure and return from the trip no later than 24 hours, but not earlier than 48 hours.


The agency sells a tourist trip at a selling price that is expressed in a single amount. The selling price can be expressed in dinars and in foreign currency. When the prices are expressed in a foreign currency, and the payment is calculated in dinars, the official middle exchange rate of the dinar on the day of payment is applied. The prices are formed on the basis of the business policy of the Agency and cannot be the subject of the Traveller’s complaint.

The selling price from the Contract contains all those costs that are an integral part necessary for the realization of a tourist trip and includes a pre-prepared and published combination of at least two or more services of average quality, common for a given destination and facilities, namely: transport, food, transfers, regular services of representatives at the destination, preparation and organization of the trip, and which is expressed in a single amount that the Traveller pays.

The price of the trip does not include, unless otherwise agreed (hereinafter: Special Agreement), costs: special services of the Agency, tourist animator, optional programs, tickets to facilities and events, insurance of passengers and luggage, recreational, medical, telephone, and other services, reservation of a special seat in the vehicle, additional meals and more.

The conditions related to the discount for children as well as other benefits specifically given in the Program are determined by the direct service providers and should be interpreted restrictively (e.g. for children up to two years of age, the relevant calendar date, when the child turns two years in relation to the day of the beginning of the trip, and not the date of concluding the contract). In case of incorrectly stated age of the Traveller, the Agency has the right to charge the difference up to the full price of the trip.

They are not included in the price and the Agency cannot be responsible to the Traveller, for optional and subsequently performed services, which are performed and charged by the direct service provider, and were not provided by the Program or Special Agreement, as well as for the Traveller's participation in sports and other leisure activities.

If the Traveller does not notify the Agency in writing, within the specified period that he withdraws from the Contract, it is considered that he agrees with the new price, which may be through the payment made.


If the Traveller cancels the trip in time (from 90 to 45 days) - the Agency is entitled to reimbursement of administrative costs. The Agency may request an increase in the agreed price before the start of the trip if after the conclusion of the Contract there was a change in the exchange rate, when the price is expressed in dinars, immediately after learning that there was an increase in prices by the service provider. To increase the agreed price by the Agency, the Traveller has the right to: request a replacement for a similar Program without additional payment from the Agency's offer or may terminate the contract without compensation. If within a reasonable period of time, not longer than 48 hours, the Traveller does not electronically notify the Agency that he accepts the change in the agreed price, it is considered that he has terminated the Contract. Subsequent price reductions of the Program cannot refer to already concluded Contracts and cannot be the basis of any complaint of the Traveller towards the Agency.


7.1. Before the start of the trip:

The Agency may amend the Program only if the changes are caused by extraordinary circumstances that the Agency could not have foreseen, avoided or eliminated. The costs incurred due to the change of the Program are borne by the Agency, and the reduction of costs is in favour of the Traveller. If significant changes are made in the Program without justified reasons, the Agency must fully return what it received from the Traveller, who therefore cancelled the trip. (Art. 879 ZOO). The Agency has the right to terminate the Agreement in case of:

  • Insufficient number of registered passengers, obligatorily indicated in the Program, provided that he informed the Traveller about it within the deadline from the Program before the start of the tourist trip and
  • due to the impossibility of fulfilling contractual obligations for which the contracting parties are not responsible, and which would have existed at the time of publishing the Program, would be a justifiable reason for the Agency not to publish the Program and not conclude the Contract, with the obligation to refund the paid funds days from the day of cancellation.

In case of acceptance of the new Contract, the Traveller waives any claims against the Agency, based on the originally concluded Contract.

7.2. During the trip

During the trip, the Agency, which is obliged to inform the Traveller in the most appropriate way without delay, reserves the right to change the day or hour of the trip, as well as the right to change the itinerary and necessary changes to the Program, closure of a site intended for a tour, security situation, natural disasters or other extraordinary and objective circumstances and force majeure) without obligation to pay damages or any other compensation to the Traveller. In these cases, the Agency shall bear any additional costs of changing the Program.

If the Traveller interferes with the conduct of the trip due to rude and inappropriate behavior, regardless of the warning, the Agency may request reimbursement of any costs incurred.

In case of extraordinary circumstances during the trip that could not have been foreseen in advance, and which can be classified as force majeure (terrorist attacks, state of emergency, explosions, infections, epidemics and other diseases, natural disasters, climatic conditions, etc.), both the contracting parties have the right to terminate the Contract, whereby the Agency has the right to actual or incurred costs and the obligation to pay half of the transport costs of the return of the Traveller. The Agency does not assume any responsibility if the Passenger refuses the offered return by the provided means of transport.


8.1. Before the start of the trip:

The traveller has the right to cancel the trip, about which he is obliged to inform the Agency electronically. The date of termination of the Contract is the basis for the calculation of the fee due to the Agency, expressed as a percentage of the cancellation scale in relation to the total price of the trip, unless otherwise specified by the Program, as follows:

  • If the Traveller cancels the trip in time (90 to 45 days), the Agency has the right to reimburse only the administrative costs incurred,
  • 10% if the trip is cancelled 44 to 30 days before the start of the trip,
  • 20% if cancelled 29 to 20 days before the start of the trip,
  • 40% if cancelled 29 to 20 days before the start of the trip,
  • 60% if cancelled 29 to 20 days before the start of the trip,
  • 80% if cancelled 29 to 20 days before the start of the trip,
  • 100% if cancelled 5 to 0 days before the start of the trip or during the trip.

A change of the agreed place, date of travel, means of transport, non-payment of the agreed price, etc., is considered as a cancellation of the passenger from the trip. The passenger is obliged to reimburse the Agency only for the actual, i.e. incurred costs (transportation costs, travel organization, etc.), if the cancellation was due to:

  • sudden illness of the Traveller, spouse, child, parent, brother or sister of the Traveller, adoptee and adoptive parent, death of the traveller, spouse, child, parent, brother or sister of the traveller, adoptee and adoptive parent - call for military exercise of the Traveller or natural disaster or emergency conditions officially declared by the competent authority of the country of travel.

For these cases, the Traveller is obliged to submit to the Agency proof of health insurance rights on the basis of temporary incapacity for work (certificate of the chosen doctor in the field of general medicine, or discharge list of inpatient health care institution, which explicitly confirms sudden illness and inability to travel) death certificate, ie a call for military exercise. Cannot be considered justified reasons for cancellation or interruption of travel of Travellers, cases of local terrorist attacks, explosions, infections, epidemics and other diseases, natural disasters, climatic conditions, etc., for which no state of emergency has been declared by the competent state authorities of the domicile or country of traveling.

Sudden illness means a sudden and unexpected illness or infectious disease or organic disorder determined by an authorized doctor, which occurs after the conclusion of a travel contract and is not related to, nor is it a consequence of a previous health condition, and such is the nature to require treatment, stay in the hospital (hospitalization) and prevents the beginning - the use of the agreed trip. The Agency, in case the Traveller provides an appropriate replacement or the replacement is performed by the Agency itself, is obliged to refund the travelled funds in the total amount, after deducting only the actual and incurred costs. In case of replacement of the Traveller, the Agency is obliged to conclude the Contract with the new traveller.

After the start of the trip:

If due to the cancellation of the trip, the Traveller does not use some of the contracted services through his own fault, the Agency will try to get compensation from the service provider in the name of unused services. If the service provider does not return the money, the Traveller is not entitled to a refund of the appropriate part of the price, the unused trip. If it is an insignificant service or value, the Agency is released from this obligation. If the Agency fails to perform a significant part of the services specified in the Agreement, the Agency is obliged to implement certain preventive measures in order to continue the trip or offer the Traveller other appropriate services, until the end of the trip without additional costs for the Traveller, in accordance with item 14 of this Rulebook, without affecting other legal rights of the Passenger.


According to Article 79 of the Law on Tourism, the organization of day trips does not require a license, and protection is not provided in terms of travel guarantee. When conducting tours, the agency organizes activities in nature that involve a certain risk. The Traveller approaches these activities at his own risk and bears all the consequences that may arise for him.


All services listed in the Program include standard services of average quality, common and specific to certain destinations, places and facilities. In case the traveller wants some services outside the Program, he must conclude a Special Agreement.

The Agency is not responsible for the descriptions of services in catalogues - publications or on the websites of Intermediaries and direct service providers (e.g. hotels, carriers, etc.), unless the Traveller has explicitly referred to them. The Agency is only responsible for the descriptions of services contained in its Programs, i.e. on its website. Food, comfort and quality of service depend primarily on the price of the arrangement, the chosen destination and categorization, determined by local-national regulations and beyond the supervision and influence of the Agency.

The services of a tourist guide, tour coordinator, local guide, animator or local representative do not imply their all-day and continuous presence, but only contact and necessary assistance to the Traveller. The instructions and instructions of the authorized representative of the Agency (especially regarding the time of departure, transportation, legal and other regulations) are binding on the Traveller, and non-compliance with these instructions is a breach of contract, and all possible consequences and damage in such a case are borne by the Traveller.

Changes or deviations of certain services, which are not caused by the will of the Agency, are allowed, as long as they do not have a negative impact on the overall concept of the contracted trip. If for the stated reasons the transport needs to be moved to another place, the Agency is obliged to offer the Passenger another suitable transport, until the end of the tourist trip, without additional costs for the Passenger, as well as to pay any difference in price between contracted and provided services / Article 103 ZOZP /. The Agency shall bear all costs of alternative transport.

When a third party takes the place of a person who has booked a certain tourist service, the Agency is entitled to compensation for the necessary costs of the change. The traveller and the person taking his place are jointly and severally liable for the payment of the agreed price and the costs of replacing the passenger. The Agency will not accept the replacement of passengers if the change is not timely, if there are special requirements in relation to travel or is not in accordance with legal or other legal regulations.


11.1. Food: obligatorily indicated in the Travel Program, with the remark that:

  • Variety, quality of food and food service, depends mainly on the price of the arrangement, category of facility, destination and local customs, regardless of whether the service is self-service or serving (menu),

11.2. Transport: Unless otherwise specifically agreed:

  • Transport and transfers are performed by standard tourist buses or other means, according to regulations and criteria valid in the country where the carrier is registered when hired by the Agency, and regulations, principles and rules determined by the carrier apply (e.g. transport in any transport means does not include numbered seats, nor included meals and drinks during the trip, etc.). The passenger has the obligation to accept any offered place in the means of transport,
  • The Agency has the right to hire all types of tourist buses that meet the requirements of the regulations (bus or double decker), as well as other means of transport, if the circumstances require, if a mini-bus is hired, it is necessary to define the number of seats,
  • Toilets are not used in buses while driving, unless it is approved. The traveller is obliged to compensate all the damage caused by his negligence in the means of transport on the spot. The traveller is obliged to check and harmonize his personal and travel documents and luggage before the trip, and in case of observed irregularities to inform the guide / travel companion,
  • The traveller has the obligation to behave appropriately in the vehicle and respect traffic regulations and rules on passenger transport, otherwise the Agency has the right not to accept him for transport, or in the presence of the police remove him from the vehicle and further transport to the destination will not be the Agency's obligation. If the Traveller cancels the trip due to removal from the means of transport, the cancellation scale from item 8 of the Rulebook will be applied,
  • Travel direction, breaks, places and length of their duration are determined by the guide / companion - driver. The guide / the coordinator has the right, due to unpredictable, unavoidable or safety and similar circumstances, to change the timetable, itinerary of the route, or the order of sightseeing. - The traveller is obliged to follow the instructions of the driver or guide / tour coordinator (length of the break, etc.),
  • Transportation of Travellers by air, rail, sea, river or lake means of transport is performed and the direct responsibility of these carriers is determined in accordance with regulations and customs, which regulate the mentioned types of transport, and are beyond the influence and responsibility of the Agency.


A traveller who is traveling abroad must have a valid travel document, valid for at least another 6 months from the date of completion of the trip, and submit to the Agency the correct and complete necessary data and documents for obtaining a visa, if obtained by the Agency. The Agency official is not authorized to determine the validity of travel and other documents. When the Agency mediates in the process of submitting documentation, it does not guarantee obtaining a visa or obtaining a visa on time and does not bear any responsibility for the incorrectness of travel and other documents or if border authorities or immigration services do not allow entry, transit or further stay. If the Traveller loses his travel documents or is stolen during the trip, he is obliged to provide new ones in due time at his own expense and to bear all possible harmful consequences on that basis.

The traveller is obliged to contract special services related to his health condition, such as. specific diet, due to chronic illness, allergies, disability, etc., because otherwise the Agency does not assume any special obligation, responsibility or damage on that basis. For trips to countries where special rules apply, which include mandatory vaccination or the purchase of certain documents, the Traveller is obliged to perform the necessary vaccinations and provide appropriate certificates, and to be responsible for the damage in case of possible consequences.

The traveller is obliged to strictly respect customs, foreign exchange, etc. regulations of the Republic of Serbia, transit and countries in which he resides, and in case of impossibility to continue the trip, i.e. stay and everything else, all consequences and costs are borne by the Traveller himself.

If the trip cannot be realized due to the Traveller's omission, related to the provisions of this item, the provisions of item 8 of the Rulebook shall apply.


The traveller is obliged to take care of his belongings entered into the means of transport (personal luggage), of giving or taking over the luggage handed over to the authorized person of the carrier. According to the above, the Traveller exercises all his rights through the Agency or directly from the carrier in accordance with applicable international and domestic regulations. The Agency is not responsible for forgotten items in the vehicle.

Except in the case of intent and gross negligence, the Agency has no responsibility for expensive items, which are not usually carried with them, except when it has explicitly taken the items into custody. That is why the Traveller is not recommended to carry valuable items on the trip, and otherwise to hand them over properly for safekeeping or to carry them with them.

The traveller has the obligation to report the loss, damage or disappearance of luggage during the trip, to the representative of the Agency.


The agency is obliged to prominently display a notice on its website through the sale on the manner and place of filing a complaint, and to ensure the presence of a person authorized to receive complaints, during working hours.

The Agency is obliged to keep records of received complaints, and to keep it for at least two years, from the day of submitting the Traveller's complaint.

The traveller is obliged to report the justified complaint to the representative of the Agency without delay on the spot, and in urgent cases if it is not currently available, to the direct service provider (e.g. carrier).

For help, emergencies and other cases, as well as complaints, the Traveller can contact the Agency via tel. number +38169655777, working days from 10 am to 6 pm, Saturdays from 10 am to 3 pm CET or via e-mail: For urgent and similar procedures it is necessary for the Traveller to state the number of the Contract, place of travel, names of passengers, address or telephone number, etc., through which it can be contacted.

The Agency is obliged to take into the procedure only timely, reasoned and documented complaints, after the Complaint of the Traveller, and the cause of which could not be eliminated during the trip on the spot, and to issue a confirmation to the Traveller electronically to confirm the receipt of the complaint. his complaint in the records of received complaints is misleading.

The Agency is obliged to submit a written response to the Traveller within 8 days from the day of receipt of a proper complaint and to pay the difference in price within 15 days. The Agency may extend this deadline with the consent of the Traveller and record it in the book of complaints.

If the complaint is not complete and it needs to be resolved, the Agency will submit a response to the Traveller, to edit it within the set deadline, under the threat of omission.

The Agency will, in accordance with good business practices, respond to the Traveller within the legal deadline and for complaints that are untimely, unfounded or irregular.

The reduction of the price upon the Traveller’s complaint can reach only the amount of the complained and unperformed part of the service, it cannot include the already used services, nor can it reach the amount of the entire contracted price. The amount of compensation, which is paid upon a well-founded and timely complaint under the Contract, is proportional to the degree of unperformed, ie partially performed service. If the Traveller accepts the payment of compensation in the name of a proportional reduction of the price, or any other type of compensation, it is understood that he agrees with the proposal of the Agency for peaceful settlement of the dispute, and thus waives all further claims against the Agency.


15.1. Travel program at the request of the Traveller: Individual travel (hereinafter: Program at the request) of the Traveller is a combination of two or more services, which is not offered by the Agency, or which the Agency has not previously published, but made at the request of the Traveller.

The provisions of the previous points of this Rulebook shall apply analogously to the Program upon request, unless otherwise regulated by this point.

The Traveller has the right to withdraw from the Contract, about which he is obliged to inform the Agency in writing. The date of written termination of the Agreement is the basis for the calculation of the fee due to the Agency, expressed as a percentage in relation to the total price of the requested trip, unless otherwise specified by the Program, as follows:

If the Traveller cancels the trip in time (90 to 60 days), the Agency has the right to reimbursement only of the incurred administrative costs.

  • 15% if the trip is cancelled 60 to 30 days before the start of the trip,
  • 20% if cancelled 29 to 20 days before the start of the trip,
  • 40% if cancelled 29 to 20 days before the start of the trip,
  • 60% if cancelled 29 to 20 days before the start of the trip,
  • 80% if cancelled 29 to 20 days before the start of the trip,
  • 100% if cancelled 5 to 0 days before the start of the trip or during the trip.

15.2. Individual services and "Reservations on request": If the Traveller reserve only one service, which does not include the overnight service, the Agency acts only as an intermediary of someone else's service. For individual and "reservations on request", the Traveller makes a deposit on behalf of the reservation costs, which cannot be less than 50 euros, in dinars, according to the official middle exchange rate, on the day of payment. If the reservation is accepted by the Traveller, the deposit is included in the price of the service. If the reservation is not confirmed by the service intermediary within the agreed period, the deposit is returned in full to the Traveller. If the Traveller does not accept the offered or confirmed reservation, which is fully in accordance with the requirements of the Traveller, the amount of the deposit is retained by the service intermediary, in full.

The service intermediary, except for his gross negligence, is not liable for defects, material and physical damage in individual tourist services at the request of the Traveller, for which he is only an intermediary between the Traveller and direct service providers (e.g. individual accommodation, transport, tickets for sports events, excursions, car rental, etc.). By obtaining proof of the contracted individual service, contractual relations enter into force, exclusively between the Traveller and each individual service provider.


The Traveller is aware that the Agency has harmonized its operations with the Law on Personal Data Protection and agrees that the Personal Data of Travellers and Companions from the travel contract certificate such as: personal registration number, travel document number, telephone number, E-mail address, postal home address... provided by the Traveller voluntarily, represent a business secret of the Agency and can be used in the manner and under the conditions prescribed by the Law on Personal Data Protection. The traveller agrees that the Agency may use personal data for the implementation of the agreed Travel Program, whereby the addresses, place, time and price of the trip and the names of the companions cannot be communicated to other persons, except to persons specified by special regulations.


The Agency may, by the Program or Special Conditions of Travel, envisage different provisions in relation to this Rulebook, due to special conditions and rules for direct service providers, as well as for trips with special contents (on the occasion of sports, congress and similar international events and special types of tourism). hunting and fishing, extreme sports, etc.) and which form an integral part of such Contracts.

The inefficiency of certain provisions of the Contract does not result in the inefficiency of the entire Travel Contract, which also applies to this Rulebook.

This Rulebook is valid from 28th December 2020

Tatjana Anić, director of Explore Balkans doo

Belgrade, Zemun