Prokletije-dolina Grebaje, Hridsko jezero »
Prokletije-dolina Grebaje, Hridsko jezero »

Prokletije i njihov planinski venac su jedan od najdivljijih i najupečatljivijih predela na Balkanu. Trojanske planine nekada, sada i Dinarski Alpi, pružaju se duž severoistoka Crne Gore, severne Albanije i Kosova i Metohije. Prokletije se prostiru od Skadarskog jezera na zapadu, Komova i planine Mokre Gore na severu, Metohijske doline na istoku i reke Drim na jugu.

Prema mišljenju mnogih planinara, Prokletije su najlepše planine na Balkanskom poluostrvu.

On the Montenegrin side of Prokletije, there are two glacial valleys of incredible beauty: Grebaja and Ropojana. The Grebaja Valley is located entirely within the Prokletije National Park. It is surrounded by Karanfili, a series of peaks that rise to more than 2000 meters above sea level.

Prokletije is the youngest national park in Montenegro since 2009 with an area of about 16,630 ha in the territories of the municipalities of Plav and Gusinje. Within it are two nature reserves, Lake Hridsko and Volušnica. Prokletije is distinguished by its characteristic limestone relief and beauty. It have been declared a protected area of national importance.

On this four-day trip, we will get to know the beauty of the national park and its picturesque valleys, Grebaja and Ropojana. We will go to the attractive peaks Talijanka, Volušnica, and Popadija. The hiking trails are given special charm and magic by the glacial lakes - Hridsko, Plavsko, and Buni followed by the Alipaša's springs, the Grlja waterfall, and the karst spring, Oko (eye) Skakavica.

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