18.maj 2024.
1 day
easy-moderate, moderate-demanding

Mučanj is a mountain in the Moravian district, in the southwestern part of Serbia, which stretches west of Ivanjica, north of Javor, and east of Murtenica mountain. Its highest point is the town of Jerina, with an altitude of 1534 m.

Mučanj is recognizable by its shape and rocks. There are karst landforms, caves, and sinkholes, while one part of the mountain is under forest. Sava's water is a natural spring on the Mučanj mountain. Water is believed to be healing. According to popular belief, St. Sava climbed this mountain and struggled a lot, which is how the name Mučanj Mountain came about.

The mountain is known for its diversity of flora and fauna and is an important ecological reserve. In addition to all that, Mučanj is also an exceptional destination for nature lovers, mountaineers, and almost also for alpinists.

Via ferrata, or steel roads, are paths along the rocks with steel ladders carved into them for climbing. In addition to being an exciting experience, the via ferrata is a real challenge for anyone who likes more extreme types of adventure. Via ferrata Mučanj is difficult and physically demanding.

On this exciting tour, we will have a combination of hiking and via ferrata. More precisely, a smaller group of selected people will go on via ferrata, and another group will go on a hiking tour to Mučnje.

DEPARTURE LOCATION Novi Sad, Merkator Shopping center

Belgrade, the parking lot at the municipality of New Belgrade

DEPARTURE TIME 5.30 h (Novi Sad)

7:00 h (Novi Beograd)

INCLUDED IN THE PRICE Transportation from Belgrade

Guides and the tour organization

Accident insurance for a mountain tour

NOT INCLUDED Via ferrata (3500 din) - the number is limited to 5 people


Transportation from Novi Sad

Other individual costs

Additional notes:

  • Hiking equipment: Deep hiking shoes, backpack, layered clothing, adapted to weather conditions, we recommend poles, bring enough water (1.5-2 l) and some food (snacks, sandwiches, fruit).
  • Information about a hiking trail:
    • Length: around 12 km
    • The lowest point: 925 m
    • The highest peak: 1534 m
    • Total ascend/descend: around 650 m
    • Category: easy-moderate, the hike is mostly through the forest, and partly on macadam
    • Duration: about 6-7 hours with breaks
  • Personal equipment for via ferrata Mučanj: layered and comfortable clothes, hiking shoes (ideally with Vibram soles), a smaller backpack with enough water and some food.
  • Via ferrata Mučanj:

    • The surcharge is 3500 dinars. It is organized for a minimum and maximum of 5 registrants.
    • It is included in the price - rental of safety equipment (ferrata set, mountaineering harness, helmet), guide
    • To participate in via ferrata Mučanj, previous experience of movement on via ferrata, such as experience in rock climbing, is necessary. Recommended only for people with good physical condition. 
    • Inexperienced climbers, as well as minors, are not allowed to use the via ferrata.
  • A minimum of 18 registrants is required for the tour with organized transport, hiking, and via ferrata Mučanj.
  • Price is for members of "Explore Serbia". You can find membership information here. For those who do not have a membership card, the price is 5800 dinars.
  • Own transportation: in case you come with your own transport, the price of a hiking tour it is 3,300 dinars (with Explore Serbia membership cards) or 4,300 dinars (for those who do not have a membership card).
  • Transportation from Novi Sad: the surcharge is 1200 dinars. Another option is to take the train to the Tošin Bunar railway station in New Belgrade, where you can wait for our transport. You can see the timetable here.
  • Accident insurance (hiking only): in order for this type of insurance to be active, you need to send us your personal number (JMBG) when registering.
  • In case of insufficient number of registered passengers or unfavorable weather conditions, the deadline for notification of the postponement or cancellation of the tour by the organizers is 2 days before departure.
  • Trip cancellations by passengers: 

    • In case of cancellation of the trip by the passenger, 5 or more days before the tour date, the Agency retains the amount of 20% of the reservation costs.
    • In case the traveler cancels the trip less than 5 days before the trip, the agency reserves the right to the entire amount. In case of replacement by another passenger who is found either by the passenger himself or by the Agency, 90% of the paid amount is returned to the passenger.
    • In case of illness of the passenger and cancellation up to 3 days before the tour, the paid money can be returned or the amount can be transferred for another tour organized by the Agency, and the traveler is obliged to send medical documentation about the illness in writing. In case of illness of the traveler and cancellation less than 3 days before the tour, in addition to sending medical documentation about the illness, the traveler is obliged to compensate the Agency for the incurred costs (transportation and travel organization costs), and part of the money can be refunded.
The organizer of the tour is the travel agency Explore Balkans doo. With this program is valid Rulebook on conducting tours by Explore Balkans doo.
According to Article 79 of the Law on Tourism, protection is not provided for one-day tours in terms of travel guarantees.

Belgrade - Katići

  • Departure from Belgrade at 7h
  • Traveling on the highway via Čačak, then Požega and Arilje to the village of Katići, which is located at the foot of Mt. Mučanj. Driving for about 3 hours. A casual break for coffee and breakfast.

Mountaineering tour on Mučanj and via ferrata on Mučanj

  • Division of the group into a mountaineering group and a smaller via ferrata group.

I mountaineering group

  • The hiking tour starts from Preseka. Next is the climb-over Sava water and arriving at a beautiful viewpoint on the rocks, surrounded by coniferous forest.
  • Continuation to the highest peak of Mučanj at 1534 m, where there are phenomenal views of the surroundings. After a break at the top, we descend to the village of Glog, from where the ascent follows Česalj peak at 1382 m.
  • We end the tour in the village of Katići.
  • Information about a hiking trail: length about 12 km, duration about 6h-7h with breaks, with a total ascent and descent of about 650 m. The trail belongs to the moderate-easy category.
  • After the hiking tour, if desired, we can organize lunch in a nearby guesthouse.

II via ferrata group

  • Preparation for the via ferrata, distribution of equipment and short training by the instructor.
  • We take a marked forest path that lasts about 30 minutes to the start, the place where the vertical ascent begins.
  • The first part of the via ferrata is the most demanding section, with an entrance vertical of about twenty meters. Experience in rock climbing is required. After that comes a slightly easier part. Part of it goes along the ridge, and part through the forest. The final and steeper part awaits you when you descend towards the Bože Javorca cave. Ascending to the lookout point, after the cave, in a length of 50 m, you reach a grassy area and reach the lookout point, which is the goal of the via ferrata.
  • Features: the total length of the cable to the viewpoint is 500 m, the height difference is 200 m. The duration of the ferrata itself is about 4 hours. The via ferrata is equipped with steel pegs and cables with footpaths. Difficulties are D, C and B. Via ferrata Mučanj is difficult and physically demanding.
  • After the ascent, we slowly return to the starting point along the 4 km long hiking trail.
  • On the way back, if the group is interested, we can extend the hike and stop at the highest peak of the Mučanj mountain - Jerena grad at 1534 m, so that we can enjoy the magnificent view. The total length of the via ferrata is 8 km, with 380 m of ascent.
  • After the via ferrata, if desired, we can organize lunch in a nearby guesthouse. Joining a hiking group.
  • Departure for Belgrade, where we arrive around 10 pm.
via ferrata Mučanj
Planina Mučanj
Planina Mučanj
Planina Mučanj Zapadna Srbija
Planina Mučanj
Mučanj planinarenje
via ferrata Mučanj
via ferrata Mučanj
via ferrata Mučanj
via ferrata Mučanj
via ferrata Mučanj
via ferrata na Mučnju
via ferrata Mučanj
via ferrata Mučanj
via ferrata na Mučnju
via ferrata Mučanj
via ferrata Mučanj
via ferrata Mučanj
via ferrata Mučanj
Mučanj planinarenje
Mučanj planinarenje
via ferrata Mučanj
via ferrata i vidikovac na Mučnju
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Mučanj planinarenje
Mučanj planinarenje
Planina Mučanj