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Rakia tour in Belgrade with various flavors 🙂

Rakia is an alcoholic drink that can be found in every Serbian home. Its taste is similar to brandy. Rakia can be made from plum, apricot, apple, quince, grape. The longer it’s stored, the better it becomes. Rakia is a sophisticated „strong drink “. It is exclusively made of the best quality fruits. It gives the feeling and sense of belonging to nature, preserves the flavors that memories are made of. We will take you to the rakia tour where you can taste authentic flavors of Serbian rakija and to hear interesting stories about this traditional drink.

DEPARTURE LOCATION Belgrade Urban Distillery, Žorza Klemansoa Street 19, Dorcol

19 h

* Every day from Monday to Saturday

TOUR DURATION 60 minutes
INCLUDED IN THE PRICE Tasting menu of 4 rakias, accompanied with adequate mezze (traditional Serbian snacks)

A story about rakia in Serbian or English language

Additional notes:

  • The tour is organized every day except Sundays with a minimum of 1-day notice.

More about the distillery:

Belgrade urban distillery is a small craft distillery where you can find more than 20 types of rakias (fruit brandies) and liqueurs, produced in a small batch.

Orchards and initiative production are located in the south of Serbia, while the finalization is performing in Belgrade – the aging of the distillate and finalization of the product.

The first open type micro-distillery in Belgrade are producing rakia respecting the traditional procedures of double distillation in small copper stills, combining it with innovative mixtures of flavors. Serbian rakia is presented in a completely new way in the first open-type micro-distillery in Belgrade.

All product vessels have clearly prominent chemical analyses that guarantee quality. All rakias and liqueurs can be tasted and are bottled in 0.5 l to 5 l bottles.




Belgrade Urban Distillery

  • Arrival at the starting location at Dorcol, Belgrade Urban Distillery, Žorža Klemansoa 19 Street at your chosen and agreed time.

Rakia tour Belgrade

  • Tasting menu of 4 rakijas, accompanied with adequate mezze (traditional Serbian snacks). You will hear interesting story about this traditional drink.
  • Tour duration is 60 minutes.
Rakia tour Belgrade
Rakia tour Belgrade
Rakia tour Belgrade
Rakija tura Beograd
Rakija tura Beograd
Rakia tour Belgrade
Rakija tura Beograd
Rakija tura Beograd
srpska rakija
Rakija tura Beograd
Rakija tura Beograd