Djerdap National Park

The Danube in Celtic means river or water. It is not known when the first wave of the Pannonian sea began to deepen the massifs between the Balkans and the Carpathians, opening the Iron Gate and creating today's Djerdap. With this miracle of nature, the Persians gave the name Girdap or Vortrag, and Roman soldiers, according to the order of the traitor, Trajan crossed the path through the Djerdap walls, which for the then Roman Empire had great strategic and economic significance.

The Djerdap gorge is the largest river breakwater in Europe, originated where the mighty Danube broke through the Carpathian Mountains 90 kilometers long.

There are four gorges: Golubacka, Lady Vir - whose tourist center Lepenski Vir, Kazan (the largest river depth is 90 m) and Sipska, and three basins: Ljupkovska, Donjomilanovacka, and Orsavska.

Here in Djerdap Dunav is the deepest 90 m, narrowest 140 m, but also the widest, almost 7 km near Golubac.

Djerdap National Park is the largest in Serbia. It is a true paradise for adventurers, nature lovers, fishermen, and hunters.

This protected area includes as many as ten nature reserves, ten continents of the diverse heritage of nature, history, and beauty, which are carried by large rivers.

The main attractions of Jeddah are:

Due to its diversity and rarity, the National Park Djerdap is a true scientific research center in the nature. Nature reserve Veliki and Mali Štrbac, is one of the most interesting and most attractive areas of the National Park. With a very diverse and very widespread relict vegetation, but also with Roman inscription, in science known as Tabula Traiana located at the very exit of the Djerdap gorge. It dates from the 100th year of a new era, marking the completion of the section of the road through the Lower Gorge.

Reserve Choka Nyalta, with Pesača, represents a typical refuge for relict and rare species of trees and their communities. While Шморда the habitat of plant species of greenery that grows on the southeast slopes of the eponymous peak at a place called Radisavlje's branch.

Miroč Veliki Štrbac

Miroc hiking, Veliki Strbac-Djerdap Gorge

The Miroč mountain consists of the Štrbac mountain peaks that rise above the Djerdap Gorge and
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Golubački grad biciklizam Djerdap cycling

Golubac fortress cycling tour

Golubac Fortress cycling - one-day exciting tour along the Danube, on the edge of Djerdap.
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all year
1 day
Djerdap National Park

Djerdap cruise

Cruising through the most attractive part of the Đerdap, where we will see Tabula Traina, the decibel Rex sculpture.
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1 day
all ages
Đerdap hiking staze

Djerdap hiking – Sokolovac, the canyon of Boljetin River

Hiking tour in the magnificent Djerdap gorge with a beautiful view of the mighty Danube. Djerdapska
06.april 2024.
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