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Alpinistički izazov i hiking na Jelici »

Jelica is a mountain from the Dinaric group of mountains south of Čačak and stretches for 30 km. It continues to the mountain Ovčar, and its highest peak is Crna stena at 929 m.

On this alpinism and hiking tour, you will discover the hidden corners of the Jelica mountain. Various attractions alternate on the trail, such as the Stjenik stone arch (Okno), which will delight you with its beauty and spectacular view. Then the cave of St. John and the Kamin cave, where you will have the opportunity to try the alpinist technique of descending a vertical rock with a rope. This challenge point gives you a chance to test your skills and courage. Our experienced instructors will be with you during the descent, providing you with safety and support.

Mountain Jelica
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Mountain Jelica

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