Rafting does not require previous rowing experience. Every boat includes a licensed rafting skipper that will control a boat and take care of safety. Rafting is performed with rubber unsinkable boats specially designed for wild waters. Boats have a capacity of 8-10 people. Before the start, a skipper holds a short course on rafting and it is important that the participants honor the instructions they receive from the skipper. Apart from neoprene suits and boots, you will get a rescue belt and a helmet that you must wear.

For kayaking is not necessary previous experience, kayaks are stable and easy for managing. They are for two people; on some kayaks, there is also an auxiliary central seat (total of three), where can sit one child between two adults. Kayak tours are accompanied by experienced kayak instructors who hold a short course on kayaking before a tour.

You don't need previous experience, knowledge or special physical training for a tandem flight with a paragliding instructor. Instructions and information are very simple. You will get them from a paraglider pilot before your flight.