1 day
Moderate to challenging

The Nevidio Canyon is located in the central part of Montenegro on the southern slopes of Durmitor Mountain. It is part of the river Mala Komarnica. For the first time, the expedition passed in 1965. Until then it was "Unseen" from where its name comes from. The canyon is about 3 km long and has a great fall, a large number of waterfalls, springs, and passages that have been exfoliated by water. In some places, its cliffs are narrowed to half a meter, and their height reaches almost 400 m. Passing through the Nevidio Canyon will give you a unique adrenaline experience and full enjoyment.

INCLUDED IN THE PRICE Instructors' services

Necessary equipment (neoprene clothes, helmet, rope)

Videos and photos with GoPro camera

NOT INCLUDED Transportation to Zabljak


Additional notes:

  • Necessary solid footwear (sports shoes or hiking boots), take out spare clothes for changing, under neoprene suits for canyoning, it's best to wear just swimming suit or synthetic t-shirt and shorts
  • You must take a valid ID card or passport
  • Although canyoning is the extreme experience, it doesn't require special, but it requires a solid physical readiness. All participants must be older than 18 years. They must be healthy and swimmers.
The organizer of the tour is the travel agency Explore Balkans doo. With this program is valid Rulebook on conducting tours by Explore Balkans doo. According to Article 79 of the Law on Tourism, protection is not provided for one-day tours in terms of travel guarantees.

The canyon description: Its larger part is in the eternal shadow. Because of the vertical walls, the sun's rays cannot reach the bottom. On steep and inaccessible rocks, cruel conditions for vegetation prevail, so that the canyon is a jewel of a crude nature. An incomparable beauty of the gorge, cascades and sparkling beech that the Nevidio canyon keeps, are more than sufficient reason to see and experience this incredible jewel of Montenegro.


Departure from Zabljak

  • Departure at 8.30 AM. Attractive landscapes provide the opportunity to enjoy watching and photographing natural beauty
  • Around 9.30h arrival in front of the Nevidio canyon
  • Preparation for canyoning: instructions by guides, dressing and taking necessary equipment for safe canyoning, because some parts of the canyon can be reached only with the help of alpine equipment
  • Passing through the canyon for 4h-5h. In the canyon, you will mostly walk, swim and jump into swimming pools. Jumps are safe because the neoprene suit protects from cold water, and from direct contact with the rocks.
  • Already at the first contact, Nevidio will completely impress you with its incredible beauty. The width of the canyon in some places is less than one meter. We will stop in the most attractive parts of the canyon for enjoyment and taking photos.
  • Coming out from the canyon. Changing clothes. Transfer to Zabljak.
Nevidio Canyon
Nevidio canyoning
Nevidio canyoning
Nevidio canyoning
Nevidio canyoning
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Invisible canyon
Nevidio Canyon
Nevidio Canyon
Nevidio canyoning
Nevidio canyoning