2-2.5 h
all ages
The Great War Island

Kayaking around The Great War Island – Explore the wild side of Belgrade and the mighty Danube!

The Great War Island, an area of exceptional features and an oasis of untouched nature, is close to the city center. There is also a sandy Lido beach on the edge of the Great War Island. Kayaking is an excellent way for relaxing and visiting hidden places and sleeves on the Danube and Sava. You’ll experience and see the city of Belgrade from another perspective.

INCLUDED IN THE PRICE Kayaking tour around the Great War Island for 2h

Necessary equipment for kayaking (paddles, vests), a kayaking instructor

NOT INCLUDED Transportation to the starting point

Other individual costs

Additional notes:

  • The tour is being organized for a minimum of 5 passengers.
  • No previous experience is required for kayaking, kayaks are stable, you can choose a kayak with one or two seats.
  • For this adventure, you should dress sports clothes according to the weather conditions. This is a water sport, and we often get wet, so a spare wardrobe is desirable. Please look for the recommendations what to dress in Frequently asked questions in the section EQUIPMENT..
  • During this adventure, our instructor will take photos and videos of you – that we will send you by e-mail.
  • For kayaking is not necessary previous experience, Kayak tours are accompanied by experienced kayak instructors who hold a short course on kayaking before a tour.

Information and reservations:

The Great War Island

Great War Island is located at the mouth of the Sava river into the Danube. The Great War Island is generally triangular in shape and covers an area of 2.11 km² (0.81 sq mi). It is low, for the most part marshy and often flooded by the Danube. The main physical feature on the island is the canal of Veliki Galijas. In time, the canal was cut off from the Danube and effectively turned into a lake, with an area of 0.24 km² (0.09 sq mi) and the major natural bird and fish spawning area on the island.

The island has flora that is characteristic of wetlands: cod and rush, willows and shrubs, willow and black poplar, bark, bagel, nettle, white roe deer, twisted, hawthorn and other herbaceous species. There are colonies of white herons, gray herons, red herons and ghakas on the island. Natural rarities are: fire-bird, blind, tern, silver seagull, cuckoo and praise, and among the settled birds, there are: arbor, creeper, hair, reeds, mallard, white squid and wild duck, so it can develop in this area and a form of ecotourism related to bird-watching.


Arrival to Zemun Quay

  • Meeting with a kayak instructor at an agreed time
  • Preparation for a kayak tour, taking equipment, short instructions from an instructor.

Kayaking tour around The Great War Island

  • We will be rowing to the beach Lido, located on the northern part of the island. Further, we’ll continue along the coast and make a circle around The Great War Island and return to the starting point.
  • The total duration is around 2 h with breaks for swimming (if weather is adequate) and taking photos.
  • After kayaking, it is possible to organize a lunch at some of the restaurants.
kayaking the Great War Island
kayaking the Great War Island
kayaking the Great War Island
kayaking the Great War Island
kayaking the Great War Island
Kayaking The Great War Island
Veliko ratno ostrvo hiking
The Great War Island
The Great War Island
Veliko ratno ostrvo plaža Lido
Veliko ratno ostrvo oblik
kayaking the Great War Island