Kayak Tours are an excellent way to recreate and relax on the water.

The ideal destinations in Serbia for kayaking are the rivers Drina, Ibar and the Danube. In addition, Uvačko Lake, as well as Zaovinsko Lake on Tara.

Kayaking is usually organized in combination with hiking to attractive viewpoints or a tour of cultural and historical monuments.

No previous rowing experience is required for kayaking. Knives are stable and easy to handle. There are 2 people sitting in them. On some kayaks there is also an auxiliary central seat (total of three), where one can sit between two adults.

The tours are accompanied by experienced kayak instructors who before the start hold a short course on kayak management.

Recreational kayak rides are mostly performed when it's warm. As far as the equipment is concerned, it is best to wear a synthetic t-shirt because it quickly dries and shorts. Below the shirts and shorts dress the best swimsuit. You can wear slippers or sports shoes. If it's very warm, make sure you take sunscreen: hat, hat, glasses and UV-based creams.

kajak avantura na Ibru

Kayak adventure on the Ibar river

Kayak adventure on the Ibar through the Lilac Valley! A phenomenal adrenaline kayaking adventure through the river valley
Price of the tour
1 day
kayaking the Great War Island

Kayaking The Great War Island

Kayaking around The Great War Island is an excellent way for relaxing and visiting hidden places on the Danube and Sava.
Price of the tour
2-2.5 h
all ages
Uvac kayaking

Uvac kayaking

The tour includes kayaking on the Uvac lake, as well as hiking to the viewpoint Prayer, from where
Price of the tour
maj-oktobar, 01.maj 2024.
1 day
vožnja kajaka na Drini Drina Kayaking

Kayaking on the Drina

Kayaking on the emerald Drina River, from Perucac to The Little House on the rock.
Price of the tour
May to September
1 day
all ages
Ovcar-Kablar Gorge kayaking tour

Ovcar-Kablar Gorge kayaking

A one-day kayak adventure in the picturesque Ovčarsko-Kablar gorge. Paddling along the vertical cliffs of the gorge, rich
Price of the tour
27.april 2024., april-maj
1 day
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